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We Now Know Where God Lives – Interview with George Parks Urantia Radio

George Parks takes on a journey across the universe and explains why the astronomy in the Urantia Book can point us exactly to where we can find Paradise, the home of our universal Creator and Heavenly Father.  — This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: BallotReady: The goal of this initiative is to increase voter education and encourage your listeners to get the vote out during the 2020 General Election this November.
  1. We Now Know Where God Lives – Interview with George Parks
  2. Dr. Philip Calabrese – Urantia Science Prophecy
  3. My 2014 Interview with Chris Wood, UAI President
  4. 10 Best Places to Start Reading the Urantia Papers
  5. Peace on Earth! Abraham Accord Signed
  6. How Do You Share The Urantia Revelation
  7. What Might Have Been
  8. Adam, Eve and The Six Colored Races
  9. The Spirit of Truth Discernment – Thank you Jesus
  10. Do They Vote in Heaven?


Sign of The Times

(Reposted from May 2019)    Even if you just extrapolate the intersectional coincidence of two consecutive solar eclipses occurring seven years apart – and at the exact location of a huge Christian cross, the incident… More

5 Things Everyone Wants To Know

What five astonishing things people want to believe are true and are disclosed in the Urantia Book? Consider the following: 1. Life on other worlds is common, we are not alone 2. The universe is… More

2 thoughts on “Listen Now

  1. Dear Steve, thank you. I appreciate your comments. Let me clarify that when I mentioned the Quran as “divine,” my point was that to the followers of Islam, their book is seen as Holy, not that it is.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to clarify my statement.


  2. I just listened to ten reasons to read the UB, and it was good. Unfortunately the narrator made the fatal mistake if lying about the truth about Islam. He said the Quran is a Divine work, which is absolutely false at all levels. Islam is evil, anti-Christ, and at least as bad as Communism or Markism. I know of what i speak, i have studied it for years. Three hundred years after Mohammed died people finally started writing something down as the Quran. Islam is complete submission and fear, Mohammed ruled by terror. UBers constantly try to lump Islam with other religions, impossible, Islam is a political ideology, and sees nothing as credible but Islam. Islam is incapable of reform. Islam must die for Mankind to advance. Islam is the product of collaboration with Caligastia.


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