EXCLUSIVE: Mo Siegel Interviews Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger about the Urantia Book and the future.


The Jubilee of Jubilee's with Joshua Wilson and Diane LaBrecque Urantia Radio

Two great guests join us today on this special episode where we discuss the meaning behind the Jubilee of Jubilees, being celebrated on Sunday round the world. — Support this podcast:
  1. The Jubilee of Jubilee's with Joshua Wilson and Diane LaBrecque
  2. Pride
  3. Lucifer’s Impact
  4. Belitsos Part 2
  5. Byron Belitsos on Integral Theodicy and Why God Allows Evil to Exist
  6. Providence
  7. The Youth Problem
  8. The Need For More Joy
  9. As Jesus Passed By
  10. The Seat Of The Soul


History of the Lucifer Rebellion and why it matters today

Few people know about the Lucifer rebellion as it is narrated in a little known book that was published in 1955. According to the Urantia Book, the Lucifer Rebellion was a real event that broke out around 250,000 years ago.  The reason it is captured here and there in the Old and New Testaments is…

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Caligastia Wants Us To Fail

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to my most recent podcast, I invite you to listen to it. Byron Belitsos was my guest and we were talking about his new book The Truths About Evil, Sin and The Demonic: An Integral Theodicy. In the interview, I asked Byron “how Caligastia wants all of…

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The Urantia Book Explained

In general, the following summary is what the Urantia Book teaches, and I will focus on the more general aspects of its teachings, in an effort to summarize the overall message the book offers to readers. According to the Urantia Book, The Universal Father’s spirit resides in the hearts and minds of all intelligent will…

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Gen Z and The Urantia Book

Why Nones Should Love the Urantia Book. Nones are described as unaffiliated people who no longer subscribe to the belief or religion in which they were raised.  Many Nones are from the Catholic faith. Many are also unorthodox Jews who come from more liberal Jewish families.  It is also easy to see that in today’s…

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The LGBTQ Question

What does the Urantia Book say about Transexuality, or for that matter, about LGBTQ? After studying the Urantia Book text for many decades I have yet to find a direct reference to either of the two aforementioned ideologies. The Urantia Book is not specific about homosexuality. It does not reference it as a cultural phenomena,…

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What AI Thinks Of The Urantia Book

No doubt we have heard about AI, or artificial intelligence, the latest big step humanity is taking in tech. As computer power increases, information is easier to access and with the right AI you can do all kinds of things. But at its core, AI is accessing a global pool of information in microseconds. Over…

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What is the benefit of shifting Christianity away from end-times prophecy?

Author: Theresa Marks (formerly Schumacher) See me on Youtube Here’s my essay which was in answer to the question…What is the benefit of shifting Christianity away from end-times prophecy? _____ The topic of end times prophecy is a broad one that seems to be prevalent with modern Christians. Everywhere you look, there are so-called end times prophecies…

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The Bible vs The Urantia Book

Why do we need the Urantia Book when we have the Bible? I am allowed to state my opinion. I hope it is not offensive to the people who absolutely adore the Bible. Up until the Urantia Book came along I had no issue with the Bible. In fact, my father and I often talked…

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100 Years Of Revelation

This month we celebrate 100 years since the Revelators’ began speaking to us through the Urantia Book. It began when two Chicago physicians and educators Dr. William and Dr. Lena Sadler, both of whom had impeccable reputations among the professional class of what was then glorious Chicago at its industrial peak, formed a forum of…

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Benedicts Final Words

This reprint of a recent article forwarded to me seems worth sharing.This reprint of a recent article forwarded to me seems worth sharing.As a student of the Urantia Book, and a follower of Christ, it is with great curiosity that I read this article pertaining to the late Pope Benedicts final warnings to earth. In…

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Brave New Year

Think about this as we head into 2023: 330 million human beings live in America. Everyday they eat at least two meals, about 10 pounds of food is consumed, that means 3.3 billion pounds of food is consumed per day. This also means someone needs to produce, distribute and finally, deliver that food. 330 million…

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DNA From 2 Million Years Ago Reveals Arctic Utopia That Was 50-65 Degrees Warmer | ZeroHedge

ZeroHedge – On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero — Read on

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Star Trek, Star Wars and The Urantia Book

There is a saying that goes “politics runs downstream from culture.” I would further state that culture runs downstream from people’s belief systems, what we would call the mores. It is not an overstatement that our entire U.S. Space program and our current wave of IT environment was almost entirely prompted by Star Trek in…

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Bringing The Urantia Book Into Academia

Thoughts about My Experience at the American Academy of Religion Byron Belitsos I have long believed that we need a more rigorous and scholarly approach to “the question of religion” for Urantia Book students. That’s one of several reasons I led an effort to mount a formal presence at the huge meeting of the American…

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A Revelation of New Truth, Delivered in Timely Fashion

Note: I will be adding to this original article. This is not a finished essay, but an evolving overview of how I see the fifth epochal revelation being integrated  into society as a whole. I believe there are three primary reasons the Urantia revelation was given to us during this time of human evolution. 1.…

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  1. I just listened to ten reasons to read the UB, and it was good. Unfortunately the narrator made the fatal mistake if lying about the truth about Islam. He said the Quran is a Divine work, which is absolutely false at all levels. Islam is evil, anti-Christ, and at least as bad as Communism or Markism. I know of what i speak, i have studied it for years. Three hundred years after Mohammed died people finally started writing something down as the Quran. Islam is complete submission and fear, Mohammed ruled by terror. UBers constantly try to lump Islam with other religions, impossible, Islam is a political ideology, and sees nothing as credible but Islam. Islam is incapable of reform. Islam must die for Mankind to advance. Islam is the product of collaboration with Caligastia.

    1. I am no supporter of Islam for the reasons you state. Unfortunately, millions of people disagree and they like to behead people. So I will try not to stir a hornet’s nest. I focus on the positive, which is the Urantia Book is a much smarter approach to God.

  2. Dear Steve, thank you. I appreciate your comments. Let me clarify that when I mentioned the Quran as “divine,” my point was that to the followers of Islam, their book is seen as Holy, not that it is.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to clarify my statement.

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