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Peace on Earth! Abraham Accord Signed Urantia Radio

Abraham is the father of monotheism in the world, and it was through the One-God concept that Man could have a personal approach to God. All world religions were up-stepped by this concept. over the last four-thousand years. Abraham is the Father of Judaism,  the basis of Christian teachings as they have survived today, and of Islam. And so it is fitting that this Peace Accord between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain should be named after this one-time Hebrew of Sumerian extraction to whom we give tribute in this edition of the Urantia Radio Podcast. — This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: BallotReady: The goal of this initiative is to increase voter education and encourage your listeners to get the vote out during the 2020 General Election this November.
  1. Peace on Earth! Abraham Accord Signed
  2. How Do You Share The Urantia Revelation
  3. What Might Have Been
  4. Adam, Eve and The Six Colored Races
  5. The Spirit of Truth Discernment – Thank you Jesus
  6. Do They Vote in Heaven?
  7. Happy Birthday to Jesus
  8. A Few Reasons Why (Humanity Has Been Given a Revelation)
  9. Who Are You
  10. Sign of The Times – Are We in Tribulation?

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Sign of The Times

(Reposted from May 2019)    Even if you just extrapolate the intersectional coincidence of two consecutive solar eclipses occurring seven years apart – and at the exact location of a huge Christian cross, the incident… More

Which Side is God Rooting For?

A recent article by Cameron Hilditch in National Review on July 2nd talks about how there is an assertion of dominance going on between the West and the East, between what is referred to as… More

Race Reconciliation

There can be no question mankind must mete out our social stigmas as they have accumulated over time; one of these imperfections is our racial discrimination, and it isn’t just one race doing it to… More

God 2.0

God Must Be Redefined The spirit of religion is eternal, but the form of its expression must be restated every time the dictionary of human language is revised. (UB 99:1:6) The revelators tell us that the… More

The Dangers of Revelation

Forgive me my absence. It has been sometime since my last post. Time has been preoccupied with a pandemic and a desire to thrust myself into the podcast world to report it. I felt compelled… More

A Virus, Angels and a Revelation

I have to admit, I’m not an end-of-the world kinna of guy, but this coronavirus thing has me a little worried, and it serves as a great reason to explore why having this revelation is… More

A Jubilee Like No Other

Below is an article by Joshua Wilson, a Urantia Book reader and pastor in Northern Arizona. When the Urantia Book talks of the “jubilee of Jubilees” it is in reference to a significant event regarding… More

We Have To Be Hungry For the Truth

There is an argument to be made that the world may not ready for this revelation, the Urantia Book, or for that matter, any revelatory message that might come down from God, and the immediate… More


David Kantor, Facebook WHY CHRISTIANITY DESPERATELY NEEDS TO DISCOVER JESUS The greatest crisis in the long and checkered history of Christianity will strike Christian civilization like a bolt of lightning on the day NASA announces… More


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2 thoughts on “Listen Now

  1. Dear Steve, thank you. I appreciate your comments. Let me clarify that when I mentioned the Quran as “divine,” my point was that to the followers of Islam, their book is seen as Holy, not that it is.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to clarify my statement.


  2. I just listened to ten reasons to read the UB, and it was good. Unfortunately the narrator made the fatal mistake if lying about the truth about Islam. He said the Quran is a Divine work, which is absolutely false at all levels. Islam is evil, anti-Christ, and at least as bad as Communism or Markism. I know of what i speak, i have studied it for years. Three hundred years after Mohammed died people finally started writing something down as the Quran. Islam is complete submission and fear, Mohammed ruled by terror. UBers constantly try to lump Islam with other religions, impossible, Islam is a political ideology, and sees nothing as credible but Islam. Islam is incapable of reform. Islam must die for Mankind to advance. Islam is the product of collaboration with Caligastia.


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