The Urantia Book Authors: A Universal assembly of truly great teachers

The underlying theme of the universe appears to be that of two primary characteristics, the teacher and the student; those who teach and those who learn. 

In human life our totality of experience is in learning from others as pupils, then sharing these experience with others as teachers.

When considering the Urantia Book, take into account the 196 individual papers were comprised  by experienced universal teachers, spiritual personalities here to teach us what they know (and we can comprehend) about total reality.

The authors of the Urantia papers represent a cream-of-the-crop faculty consisting of the best and brightest instructors in the universe; they bring to us in written form their vast experience and knowledge. We are the students and we have the best teachers to be found anywhere.

The Urantia Book will be studied, examined and debated for the rest of human history. 

One can appreciate these teachers as not only being effective at conveying truth-concepts, but also know the best way to teach, even when limited by the constraints of an alphabet that contains 26 letters (the authors of the Urantia Book come from worlds where they have 70 symbols which make up their alphabet).

Consider the following statement from the author of Papers 44 (an Archangel) on how much their language is advanced in comparison to our own English):

“In the language of Nebadon we could, in a half hour’s address, cover the subject matter of the entire lifetime of a Urantia mortal.”

In other words, these teachers have such a great command of concepts and ideas at their disposal, they could describe one’s entire lifetime on earth and explain it in thirty-minutes.

We have received a repository of rich knowledge from teachers who are among the most experienced in the grand universe. No doubt in the decades and centuries to come every single word in the Urantia Book will be scrutinized and evaluated, and it is my belief that because of the richness of the Urantia Book narrative, the book will be paying out spiritual, scientific and philosophic dividends (of knowledge) for ages to come.

Mind: The Ultimate Mystery

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by JR Watkins

Common sense tells us the mind is the product of the body. Ask any person and they will tell you the body came first, then the mind. Makes sense, right?

Asking it another way: Did the physical universe come first and then mind evolved over time resulting in the eventual appearance of humans with large enough brains to put those minds to work? Does that make sense?

Did physical matter produce minded beings?

Most scientists would answer in the affirmative, that what we consider “mind” is nothing more than a natural outgrowth of physical evolution. We can, through all kinds of science, show that man evolved and as his mind grew larger and his central nervous became more complex (for a variety of reasons such as better nutrition intake and having an opposable thumb), his thinking improved and also became more complex. I can agree with this observation, it makes sense.

We might even logically deduce this process taking place on any world where the right combinations of complex organic compounds could produce complex life forms that also have intelligent mind function.  We can then take the next step in deducing that intelligent life is likely to exist not just on our world, but on many other worlds in a vast and almost infinite universe. One day we may even meet or have contact with other intelligent life and it will be an incredible experience, especially if we have shared commonalities of personality.

To conceive that minded beings operate throughout the universe is, at least to me, an exciting proposition. If true, this will prove that MIND is part of the organic makeup of all of the hydrogen and carbon that makes up universal space. Its a pleasant notion to believe the universe at large is capable of producing minded beings who get better at being minded beings.

But now I want to propose another theory, one in which postulates that MIND comes before matter, a pre-requisite of matter, and that the whole reason Matter (the physical universe) is organized as it is for us to interpret and make sense of it, is because a Mind planned it. Some call it the Universal Mind, some call it God.

If God is real and is the master planner then the second hypothesis must be true, which is to say Mind, even a Supreme Mind, was a prerequisite to life in the subjective sense; that our minds on earth were actually planned to occur and the evolutionary plan of animal ascension (higher mind activity) was purposely put in motion; it was intended that earth would eventually produce higher-functioning animals who could reason, seek truth, attain wisdom, and yes, worship the very mind that set all of this in motion.

If one takes the position that Mind is merely the natural outworking of physical matter eventuating into highly complex brain activity that can actually communicate with other highly complex brains, then you still have to explain how Mind (a non-material form of energy) can arise from non-personal carbon and hydrogen material.

To put it simply, mind operates independent of matter even though mind needs matter – a physical arena – in which to function. But Matter doesn’t need mind, necessarily, so why would it produce an entity that works independent of it?

The only plausible answer is that Mind produced Matter, not the other way around, as we are prone to believe.

Where do you think Mind comes from, was it pre- or post-matter and energy.

What do you think?

The Other Cloud

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While you were sleeping last night, every search you attempted, every comment you tweeted, every photo you took and even every song or movie you downloaded was all put on the cloud, stored there forever.

As time passes, your ‘account,’ continually records, sorts, indexes and files away everything that makes up you.

It’s a miraculous thing that everything we do and who we are is stored away, ready to access whenever we want to relive or replay the moment. Our personality-profiles are aggregated, and eventually, the cloud stores all. Now multiply this by six or seven billion people, and you can faintly conceptualize how we are all sharing space on this magnificent storehouse that we now commonly refer to as The Cloud.

Except that the cloud I am talking about isn’t owned by Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Apple. This cloud is of a super-material realm, and how our personal information gets to this cloud is itself miraculous.

Our minds capture and build upon our life experiences; our thoughts are recorded, our actions are remembered, and the whole that is our life is eternally stored away.

This is what constitutes the makeup of our soul, the US that is but the continual layering of those things which have meaning to us shapes our future selves, our future existence, our emerging identity.

So the next time you think of The Cloud, stop to consider that someone is already accessing our life experience and storing it away for future reference. Only this cloud is managed by the Universal Personality, the caretaker of the Original Cloud, who lives our lives with us, every moment and every day, ‘uploading’ our growing personalities for our future estate.

(Page 1240.1):

“True it is, you mortals are of earthly, animal origin; your frame is indeed dust. But if you actually will, if you really desire, surely the heritage of the ages is yours, and you shall someday serve throughout the universes in your true characters — children of the Supreme God of experience and divine sons of the Paradise Father of all personalities.”