The Future Estate of Billy Graham

by James R. Watkins

No one can argue that Billy Graham was a person who not only had tremendous faith in Jesus and the Heavenly Father, but also exuded a faith in a way that is rarely seen in modern times. It would be fair to say, taking into account the backwardness of our world as it is stated in the Urantia Book, that Billy was one special person.  One could say Billy exemplified perfectly what faith can do to a man who truly seeks the Father’s will.

Days after his passing, I ran across a section in the Urantia Book where they disclose the nature of a particular order of ascendant beings who comprise a very special group of “Trinitized Sons,” called Those Without Name and Number, as described in 22:4, 1, bearing in mind Billy when reading the following statement:

Those without Name and Number constitute the third and last group of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment; they are the ascendant souls who have developed the ability to worship beyond the skill of all the sons and daughters of the evolutionary races from the worlds of time and space. They have acquired a spiritual concept of the eternal purpose of the Universal Father which comparatively transcends the comprehension of the evolutionary creatures of name or number; therefore are they denominated Those without Name and Number. More strictly translated, their name would be “Those above Name and Number.”

Billy was an exceptional believer. One need only listen or watch his sermon for a few minutes to gain complete confidence that this man knew God on a much higher and more profound level than most others, that Mr. Graham did in fact develop “the ability to worship beyond the skill” of most of us.

The Trinity (The Father, Son and the Spirit), embrace these special class of ascenders to the work of being able to enlarge the revelation of God to other ascenders, as stated here in 22:4, 7:

“You mortals who read this message may yourselves ascend to Paradise, attain the Trinity embrace, and in remote future ages be attached to the service of the Ancients of Days…and sometime be assigned to enlarge the revelation of truth to some evolving inhabited planet, even as I am now functioning on Urantia.” (authored by a Mighty Messenger, a onetime evolutionary being from a world much like our own).

We were fortunate to have witnessed a rare case when a man such as Mr. Graham could achieve such a closeness with his Creator, and who so profoundly changed so many lives.

If one has difficulty believing in a personal Creator, Billy would quickly dispel such doubts. And it is equally assuring that people like Billy have a special place in Heaven where they can continue to serve on high as special messengers of God.

Are We In The Spiritual Dark Ages?

by James R. Watkins

I am always encouraged when I see some element of God being mentioned in our mainstream culture, but more often than not, I see the opposite.

For example, when a shooting takes place where 17 people get killed by a 19 year-old boy, someone who obviously did not have love in his heart, no one seems to talk about the fact that the suspect was completely devoid of love, he was separate from the rest of us, from reality itself, which enabled him to inflict so much harm upon others. Only a person lacking love could pursue this course, the course he chose.

I am reminded by the quote from the Urantia Book where it says: 

(111:4,4) “Any civilization is in jeopardy when three quarters of its youth enter materialistic professions and devote themselves to the pursuit of the sensory activities of the outer world. Civilization is in danger when youth neglect to interest themselves in ethics, sociology, eugenics, philosophy, the fine arts, religion, and cosmology.”

The point being that our society is in danger because we completely ignore the spiritual life, spiritual contemplation and eternal realities. Instead, our institutions promote materialism, vacuous temporal pursuits, and offer no real education for the self, except to promote self as the center of the universe. 

The fact is, most people are spiritually illiterate. We are culturally deaf to spiritual leadings because we are distracted by looking always feeling the need to look into that little black screen, or we allow ourselves to be distracted from our thoughts by music being piped in everywhere, video screens in every direction, the constant stimuli of the outer world  – which leaves little or no time for contemplation of the inner world, where our soul, like a seed wanting to be watered, withers from the lack of spiritual nutrition.

Yes, we are in a spiritual dark age. Evil is the absence of good  – just as cold is the absence of heat; where there is no God, there is a dark void. Sin, after all, is an attitude of the self in relation to the Whole, and when a fellow human inflicts evil we all suffer its repercussions, as stated in the Urantia Book:

“Sin is never purely local in its effects. The administrative sectors of the universes are organismal; the plight of one personality must to a certain extent be shared by allSin, being an attitude of the person toward reality, is destined to exhibit its inherent negativistic harvest upon any and all related levels of universe values.”

In other words, the less God we have in our lives the more potential error, sin and inequity there is that can and does occur.

Until such time when people begin to realize they live in a larger reality, one that also encompasses the entire cosmos of fellow beings as one family, one which has purpose and works toward divine goals, one in which we view ourselves as children of a loving spiritual Creator, we will continue to languish in spiritual darkness, no matter how much material prosperity we amass, and we will continue to see evil played out on the stage of humanity in this so-called age of Science and Reason.