The Most Highs May Even Rule in N Korea

One hopes the Korean Summit will inch humanity one step closer to world peace.

I am reminded, on the issue of spiritual forces, that the “Most Highs rule in the ‘Kingdoms of men’ (Daniel 4:17, 4:25, 4:32 and 5:21).

Along this line there is also a group of angelic helpers described as follows in Paper 114 of the Urantia Book:

The angels of nation life. 

These are the “angels of the trumpets,” directors of the political performances of Urantia national life. The group now functioning in the over-control of international relations is the fourth corps to serve on the planet. It is particularly through the ministry of this seraphic division that “the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men.”

Did these ‘angels of nation lifehave a hand in this most recent summit between the United States and North Korea?

If we can agree that it is the long-term goal of these angels to nudge us into the direction of world-peace and universal brotherhood, we also must recognize we are very far from achieving this goal. We have a long way to go, but we are also still very young in our evolutionary development. We are infants in fact, having only just emerged from the slavery stage of existence– well, just barely. Women still do not have freedom in over half of the world, so yes, mankind still has a way to go.

Baby steps.

If it is true that The Most Highs Rule in the Kingdoms of men, then what happened at the summit is a great sign.

One wonders what made Kim decide to go this route. What were his choices? Where did he see the most potential for digging his country out of constant misery? China, the older abusive brother? The Russians, the older abusive cousin, Japan? Sworn enemies with limited growth potential? Or the U.S., land of milk and honey?

We can assume that Kim is about staying in power, but being the dictator of a broken and starving country is futile in the long-term; material prosperity and economic security has its greatest chance of success by cozying up to the Americans. It was perhaps the lure of economic wealth that pushed Kim westward, to the betterment of all nations if this is his true intent.

Only time will tell if North Korea progresses beyond its current estate. We should pray for the people of North Korea. I hope things change quickly for these people. But one thing we do know is that history is littered with turnabout moments where nations agree to lay down their swords and begin anew, quit their saber-rattling and start new courses of reconciliation.

If this is the job of the Most Highs, of angels of God who work for our behalf behind the scenes to faciliate such turnabout events, then I would like to offer my appreciation to the Most Highs for their loving and tireless efforts performed this week.

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