by JR Watkins

Sobering thought:

While mankind can certainly point to its achievements in science and technology as proof of advancement as a species, and while we can most certainly celebrate better standards of living, a higher birth-mortality rate and improvements in food and energy distribution, there are still glaring tell-tale signs that show we are not as evolved as we would like to believe:

Consider these ten examples of human behavior as proof we are still quite backward in our social development:

1) People now believe they can choose their own gender

2) In most developed countries, women celebrate the right to perform infanticide

3) In underdeveloped countries, women and children are still treated as slaves

4) In most developed countries, people are dying from eating too much (obesity is now the #1 cause of heart-related illnesses)

5) We have accepted the notion that it is okay to possess and/or use nuclear weapons

6) People are still killing each other 

6) People are still killing each other for religious reasons

7) People still believe in astrology, tarot cards, crystals and channeling, but are becoming less religious

8) Islam is celebrated while Christianity is shunned in most parts of the world

9) Despots remain in power even when a majority of its people are starving or dying because of internecine warfare – while other so-called enlightened nations supply these same despots with weapons that keep them in power

10) That the Big Bang (our universe) started of its own volition and without intelligence – thus creating planets that produce intelligent life 

Feel free to add to the list…

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