Interesting headline. And yet that is exactly what the Urantia Book is, a message, a 2,000 page message, really, one filled with the history of God, the history of creation and yes, even the history of our world.

For decades I always viewed the Urantia Book as a gift from our spiritual friends on high. Recently, I heard the Urantia Book referred to “a message from an advanced civilization.” In describing the book to friends I was always emphasizing the spiritual aspect of the book, which I think turned some people off. It never occurred to me that, while there is a certain spiritual aspect of the book, not everything in the book is just about spirituality. It is more about how the spirit world and the physical universe co-exist in tandem with one another, integrating  the spiritual  and the scientific viewpoints into one cohesive, stereoscopic view of reality.

And so while it may be accurate to describe the the book as a revelation of new truth, it is also accurate to describe the Urantia Book as a message from a society of intelligent beings who have existed long before even our planet was born.

If we assume that the “Big Bang” occurred 14 billion years ago, and our earth is 4.5 billion years old,  and only in the past 3 thousand years have we had any kind of marked intelligence, then whoever wrote the Urantia Book has been around for a very long time, and they apparently had much to say to us they felt we needed to know.

Viewed from the context of the Urantia Book being a message gives the book a sense of timeliness Why now? Why was the message of the Urantia Book delivered at the beginning of the computer age, or perhaps on the cusp of the so-called post-modern age?

The answer seems clear.

We, or at least the early adapters who have been reading this message, are being prepared for something that only the Urantia Book can prepare us for.

The very first paragraph of the Urantia Book discloses that we are part of a vast aggregate of life-evolving worlds, trillions of them, in fact, and with our technology inching us slowly closer to the discovery of other worlds that also have intelligent life, I would hedge my bets on this anecdote: I predict in the next century we will not only discover other life-bearing worlds, but we may actually come into contact with a world that might just be a little more advanced than ours; and when their first message is: “Greetings to the people of Urantia, world of the cross,” the only people who will actually know what that message means will be a proportionally small group of people who have been studying the message since it was delivered in 1955, when The Urantia Book was first published an made available to our civilization.

That message, arriving when it did, was the pre-cursor to a time when the book could be converted to digital code and made available freely to all humankind via our technology

Now the only question is are people willing to read it?


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