The Sham of the Global Citizen Concert

by James R. Watkins

Over the weekend there was a music celebration in New York’s Central Park. The underlying theme was how we can all become one, how we can truly embrace the “Global Citizen” concept and stop world-wide hate, stop gender inequality, reduce poverty, etc., oh, and vote Democrat.

Noble plans require noble thinking, and it is naive to believe such goals are attainable without taking into consideration how we arrived here today, and what great truths the past has to share in order to help us attain that someday kumbaya moment when we can all become true “global citizens.”

True and lasting brotherhood cannot come until we recognize that global fraternity is a spiritual purpose and not just a political one, which is what much of the Global Citizen performance was, a celebration of political leftism. Once politics entered into the celebration, the movement became just like every other superficial political movement. It became “us versus them,” and it lost its spiritual potency.

It is easy to celebrate notions of global citizenry in a free-market civilization. The whole concert was nothing more than progressivism on display, and had nothing to do with true global peace and goodwill and how we achieve it, which can only come through an understanding of what ails our world in the first place, which is despotism, the over-emphasis of materialism and a denial of spiritual meanings and values.

The global citizen movement is a fake. There is no current mechanism by which all nations would suddenly embrace this lofty notion of world peace and freedom for everyone. Nice idea, but only embraced by people who have had the luxury of living in a country (or a society) and not having to worry about food, water, an education, you know, free stuff.

It’s nice to watch on TV a show that promotes the global citizen, but it is so far from reality for billions of people across the world who suffer because of real evil and spiritual darkness.

The real inhibitor to world peace isn’t America, Trump, Capitalism, or a free-market system (all of which makes it possible to attend such grand parties like the one we witnessed this past weekend). The real barrier is poverty, illiteracy, and a false sense of belief that the West must fix the world by giving everyone free stuff.

So, instead of attending a music concert with performances by artists who make much more money than you and I will ever see in our lifetime – and as they chant about social inequality, how about taking time out this weekend and visit a local food kitchen for the poor, or how about sending aid to an Indonesia Care Crises organization where a few thousand families just died from a tidal wave, or volunteer to read to a young girl or boy at a local Boys & Girls Club? Help lift people up by doing something other than attending a free concert where you can feel good doing nothing except stand next to other people who are doing nothing (except considering which democrat to vote for).

And how about just thanking God that we are fortunate enough to live in a great country that took in the best of every global citizen of the past three hundred years, all of whom help to make this country the greatest country in history, thanks to a belief in a spiritual purpose.

James Watkins is an author, media consultant and is the host of Candidly Speaking, a weekly podcast on

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