Marriage and Family

This week I choose to stream the three papers from the Urantia Book having to do with the evolution and institution of marriage, papers 82, 83 & 94 from The Urantia Book.

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At this time in society, it seems we have lost our way on what marriage is to society. The very foundation of civilization is built upon the marriage institution, therefore it is prudent to review how it evolved and how it serves society, even in modern times. I hope you will enjoy this week’s selection.

Also, as an added extra, I found an original letter from Dr. William Sadler entitled 62 Original Concepts found in the Urantia Revelation. It is narrated this week and is exciting because it goes through the wide range of topics found in the Urantia papers and what it offers to seekers of truth in religion, history, philosophy.

The Concepts letter was prompted by early critics of the book who told Dr. Sadler the Urantia Book was nothing more than science fiction and offered “nothing new,” or revelatory. Sadler presents his conclusions of new concepts introduced in the Urantia Papers found nowhere in literature or in religion.

The Importance of History

One of the many reasons I love the Urantia Book is because it puts reality into context.

For example, Papers 69 to 70 retell the story of mans’ early beginnings as a communal and social creature. We have forgotten our past and so the behavior we see today in the world is a direct result of us having become so detached from the past; we have forgotten the pain and suffering of humanity over millennia and we take for granted our ease of life today, so much so that we act like crying babies who want our bottle and we want it NOW.

Man is not so far removed from the jungle from whence he came, and our selfish and self-centered behavior today warrants a trip back in time to review our early beginnings, which I hope you will do by streaming Urantia all of this week.

We are reminded through the recital of these papers how and why certain societies emerge, what conditions influence migration, what the “rules” are in any society between otherwise bellicose people.

The authors of the book, the ones who were there and took note of our long ascent to lordship of the earth, put to rest any notion that entitlement behavior is acceptable as “rights” simply because we born into this time.

The law of evolutionary struggle is very clear, there is no room for entitlement or so-called Human Rights, at least as far as it concerns what we are entitled to simply by birthright. Man ascends because of hardship, while today our world is all about ease-seeking. We seek to minimize pain as an antidote from true happiness that only comes from real effort. Man was destined to work, to put the effort into the outcome, but life only becomes about comfort and material things, life becomes superficial, and this is why superficiality rules the western world today.

I love these four papers on the evolution of society and government. I hope you enjoy listening as well.

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