Politics and Religion

   It becomes harder to ignore the spiritual ramifications of bad leadership when the world is deeply divided spiritually over which ideology best serves the will of God.

   On the one hand you have the service element. God tells us to serve one another. 

   On the other hand, Socialism as a policy of governing people, tends to undermine spiritual freedom. In China religion that promotes Christian principles will get you in jail if you preached them;  In America being a Christian will get you labeled a Conservative, which is antithetical to the new progressive-ism which promotes and teaches diversity, inclusion, non-judgement, things that should be part of the underlying principles of a child of God. In the Middle East and African countries being a Christian is a death sentence. In all three scenarios, whether we like it or not, politics has stepped into, and is antagonistic with, not so much the teachings of Christ (or the Christian doctrine), but with Christians themselves.

   And this is why I have resisted bringing up politics on Urantia Radio.

   Jesus said “render that which is Caesar’s unto Caesar, and that which belongs to God unto God.”

   But what happens when Caesar begins to undermine God? This is what I see taking place in the world today. Religion is under attack by the secularist, and sides must be chosen: You are either a believer that life on earth is spiritual and our goals are spiritual, or you believe it is humanistic. In one scenario you believe God is the one who gives us liberty and freedom of choice, or you believe these attributes come from and are sanctioned by the State.

   I believe we are being tested in a huge way.

   Those who believe humanity is being threatened by humanists must stand up for God. It is just that simple. Those who believe  there is no God and that man is the ultimate authority, will seek to destroy every institution that reflects man’s yearning for God, and that includes the church, family, history, culture and even truth itself.

   We see this all around us, in media, song, marketing.  The new slogan for Audi Cars is “Follow No One.” You can easily discern the emphasis of ‘Self’ permeating through culture. These are not godly principles. The world is awash in vanity and so-called “pride.” Celebrities are adorned, musicians are worshiped and idolized as they echo the call to “find your truth!”

   In media, Secularism is not only all-immersive, but it actually mocks religion. Christians are demonized (ironic, wouldn’t you say?) because of they are supposedly homophobic and Islamophobic. Religion is under attack. Faith has no place in a world that has Science and Reason.

   Don’t think for a moment that if the Urantia Book were better known, it too, would not be under vicious attack and fierce and unbiased scrutiny from so-called Progressives who so flagrantly disregard the truth of man’s eternal soul, and it is this demarcation that posits where I stand on the issue between which political party cares more about God, and which doesn’t.

   Progressivism has become the antagonistic arm of Secularism. I hope this changes.

  I bring up these points not to politicize this site, but to draw attention to the fact that there is a real ideological struggle occurring at the present time within human society, and the ramifications of this struggle, its outcome, will determine which direction man chooses to take in his future destiny, which will be a world with, or without faith in God.









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