The Lucifer Problem

   We need to talk about a controversial subject. We need to talk about Lucifer.

   As a Christian, I never held to the belief the Devil, Satan, or Lucifer are solely responsible for the evil in the world. Man is quite capable of making trouble for himself without the help of misguided and fallen spiritual personalities such as the aforementioned above.
   As a Urantia Book student, I am well versed with Papers 53 and 54 which introduces us to the The Lucifer Rebellion and its ramifications in the far-flung universe at large and among an entire system of worlds (of which we are one); I am also quite familiar with Papers 66, 67, and 75 (The Planetary Prince and subsequent rebellion that occurred here on earth about 250,000 years ago), as well as its impact on Adam and Eve and their subsequent default 40,000 years ago.
   Most who are also familiar with these story in the Urantia papers understand that Lucifer had a specific manifesto that called for, among many things, a belief in a godless philosophy because He, a former son of brilliance, became convinced God, or Deity did not exist. Lucifer held that life and energy are inherent in the universe. 
   There was a ‘war in heaven,’ this so-called war (against the authority of Michael, who represents the Father of all Creation), had long-lasting effects on our world to the extent that certain deficiencies have occurred in our own developmental growth as a species. 
   Among them:
  •    Mankind was deprived of certain knowledge during his early ages of social development around 250,000 years ago, retardng his sociological growth in later ages. Under normal circumstances, advanced truth and cultural development would have been introduced by spiritual forces about, but these efforts were thwarted by the Lucifer rebellion and misguided by spiritual leadership. So yes, we were orphaned and left to our own devices.
    What has survived of these ancient times are our early writings which echo pre-historic legends depicting these early teachers of spiritual truth, such as Nephilim (Genesis 6:4), or ‘the mighty men of Renown’ (Genesis 6:4), or ‘the Sons of God who took daughters of men to be their wives.’  (Genesis 6:2).
   Due to the fact that, for almost a quarter of a million years, we remained bellicose; our warrior tendencies remained far longer and more pronounced, and have not yet been eradicated or even tempered by revelatory spiritual truth.  
  •    The Adam and Eve plan, an attempt for the Most Highs ‘who rule in the Kingdoms of Men,’ (El Elyon, from Psalms 97:9) to create another center of cultural and spiritual civilization fell apart, disrupted again by the Lucifer plan. This second downfall also left man with little spiritual guidance or direction, save for the later efforts of Melchizedek (Genesis 14) who was about to instill monotheism into mankind through Abraham, circa 2000 b.c.e. 
  •    The life of Jesus, of course, infused man with a new hope, and had it not been for Jesus, his teachings and his continuing social and spiritual influence, all hope may have been lost.
   I often wonder how man would have evolved up to our present state had Jesus not lived out his bestowal on our little world two-thousand years ago. Would the Magna Carta, or even the Declaration of Independence exist today were it not for the Christian influence, taught by Christ, that declared Man was endowed by God, his divine Creator? or would we still be languishing in the dark ages under almost total monarchial or totalitarian rule?
   So now, after a thumbnail narrative that may confuse some who are not familiar with the Urantia Book narrative, let me get to the meat of how I see Lucifer’s impact playing out on the modern stage in present times.
   We are no doubt in the middle of the ‘age of Materialism.’ The Church, once the most powerful force in society, has been diminished. It continues to suffer under the weight of its warped hierarchy and abuse scandals.
   Most people, even those who profess a belief in God or some religion of their choosing, are being drowned out by this new ideology called Humanist Secularism, by atheistic Science and exalted Humanism.
   From paper 195:8.2
   “Modern secularism has been fostered by two world-wide influences. The father of secularism was the narrow-minded and godless attitude of nineteenth- and twentieth-century so-called science—atheistic science. The mother of modern secularism was the totalitarian medieval Christian church. Secularism had its inception as a rising protest against the almost complete domination of Western civilization by the institutionalized Christian church.”
  The danger of this ideology is that it oftentimes leads to totalitarianism, as we have seen in previous centuries.
   It should not be lost on anyone that government and/or leaders who were influenced by non-religious secularism (namely, Marxism, Fascism, or Communism) have been responsible for over 100 million deaths in the last century, not including the 17 million people who died in World War One and the 73 million human beings who died in World War Two as a result of territorial dictatorships.
  Nearly 200 million people have died on earth in the last century because of 1) our continued propensity for warfare, and 2) Secular Totalitarianism.
  Think about that number and ask yourself: does historical evidence show man is becoming more – or less spiritual?
   Add to this godless pandemic the real fact that Western society seems to embrace even more  atheistic, secularistic and humanistic principles eerily similar to what was laid out in the Lucifer Manifesto (TUB 53:3.1).
God is under attack, but this time by a godless philosophy enshrouded in materialism and active atheism.
   At this moment over a million people worldwide are being persecuted for their religious beliefs, while half  of the world seeks to rid itself of traditional religious values as it pursues exalted humanism – which denies religion itself (notice that Google and Yahoo provide no religious section in its newsfeeds).
   Let’s compare the Lucifer Manifesto with current secular philosophies and see if there are similarities in approach:
   1. The Reality of God. Both the Lucifer Manifesto and current Humanist philosophy contend God does not exist, nor does man possess a soul of spirit potential. Both believe life is simply cause and effect.
   2. Since God doesn’t exist, the Son of God has no authority. This was Lucifer’s contention, now fully embraced by modern secularists who actually despise Christian teachings (calling them racist, homophobic and bigoted); these same secularists find Jesus offensive as an icon representing an imaginary “Father in Heaven,” now deemed childish by Science.
   3. The Ascension Plan of mortal survival. Lucifer thought too much time and energy was wasted on this project. Current social belief systems do not even acknowledge an “ascension plan.” Most secularists do not believe in Heaven. It is a completely foreign concept in modern times outside of a few traditional religions.
   4. The illusion of Self-assertion, Liberty without License, Relativism of moral principles. Lucifer believed that men and angels should control their own lives.
“He exhorted his followers to believe that none of these rulers could do aught to interfere with the operation of complete home rule if men and angels only had the courage to assert themselves and boldly claim their rights.”
   This philosophy of living of complete self-assertion without regard for divine principles and a clear disdain for, or denial of Deity, is the calling card of most tyrannical governments and socialist dictators: -that man is the final authority over man.
   I don’t believe Lucifer has a direct influence on us in our day to day affairs as it might be depicted in some cheap horror film, but clearly today’s Secularist shares the same philosophy with the Fallen One, even to the point where such philosophy is celebrated as being man’s greatest virtue, the pursuit of pleasure.
   Consider this following statement from Paper 195 as it pertains to mans efforts to build a world upon an atheist philosophy:
   “A lasting social system without a morality predicated on spiritual realities can no more be maintained than could the solar system without gravity “(TUB 195:5.9).
   “Twentieth-century secularism tends to affirm that man does not need God. But beware! this godless philosophy of human society will lead only to unrest, animosity, unhappiness, war, and world-wide disaster.” (TUB 195:8.5)
   It benefits us to look with clarity and keenness to recognize and protest godless philosophies that are heavily promoted in media, in government in public policy, in conversations, in the classroom and in the halls of academia, where secularism is promoted, nurtured and encouraged. When we see Luciferian principles being promoted, we need to protest and call them out. Letters, social media, editorials, there are ways to push back and stand up for faith principles as Jesus exhorted his followers to do.
   It is my contention, here, and now, that it is up to each of us, Urantians, Christians, moralists at large, to fight on behalf of spiritual realities and against secularist and humanist ideals that rob human beings of the dignity and the right to worship. We must be alert to the fact that religion is under attack and we must fight back and not let such attacks go unanswered.
   As Jesus said “ Do you, my chosen apostles, resemble weaklings? Did John look like a weakling? Do you observe that I am enslaved by fear? (TUB 143:1.5)
   We are ambassadors, whereas we cannot be very good ambassadors if we remains silent while the “heathen rage.” 

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