What is the Message?

“The power of any idea lies, not in the truth contained therein, but in the power of its appeal.”

That’s a quote from the Urantia Book, and it applies to any endeavor, including the presentation of the fifth epochal revelation.

A fellow Urantian asked me recently how I present the book to people.

Let me tell you what I told him.

First of all, most people are spiritually illiterate. They simply do not know, or have little spiritual language that allows them to express their spiritual feelings. It’s not their fault. After 120 years of secularism in Western culture,  it’s easy to understand why people essentially hold the sames childish views about God, the spirit world, life after death, sin, forgiveness, repentance and the Bible as did their parents and grandparents.

Knowing this, we have to follow one Urantia principle, which is to not blind people with too much truth. Jesus said go to where the people are, talk to them at their level, and appeal to their hearts first.

What is a brand? In marketing it is your name and what kind of emotional connection is made with it.

I say Kellogs and you say cereal. I say french fries and you might think McDonalds. I say  Catholic Church and you might think sex-scandal. And each of these concepts has an emotional meaning derived from the users experience. How can we apply this “brand” idea to spreading the Urantia Book to others who might be looking for it? In short, what is the most important message you could share about the Urantia Book that perfectly captures its significance? What is its chief appeal?

I believe the Urantia Book should come to mean spiritual growth. I think the Urantia teachings should always be about improving human behavior, improving human insight, helping to alleviate the tension of modern living without the luggage so often associated with other religions or philosophies.

Always the Urantia Book should be about new discovery and increased personal spiritual growth.

It should be an oasis of spiritual truth in a world of materialistic disillusionment, a place to find peaceful contemplation.

We should start creating reading and meditation centers, where people can read the book in peace and quiet, or not read the book and simply have time for peaceful worshipful meditation or prayer.

Let’s become a sponsor for spiritual growth. Do you believe that something that offers spiritual growth would be appealing to the average person in the modern age?

The Urantia Book should never be just about Jesus, but it should be about Jesus’ teachings and how they apply in today’s world. It is not an offshoot of the Christian church, but it is an expansion of the original Christian message (the Gospel, in other words), one that encompasses a scientifically-based, philosophically-sound, religiously-neutral, and intellectually-honest approach to understanding God and his relationship with us as individuals.

The Urantia Book is not a religion; it is an explanation of religions. It is not a theoretical suggestion, it is cosmological presentation of a loving, living and vibrant universe.

In the Urantia Book you have an explanation of origins and an expansion of spiritual concepts intended to provide for improved spiritual understanding.

The Urantia Book is, above all, about helping people have a better relationship with their spiritual Creator.


If you could choose one phrase to describe the Urantia Book, what would it be?





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