Marianne Wlliamson On the DNC Stage – A Sign of the Times

For those who remember, Marianne Williamson is the face and voice of A Course in Miracles.

ACIM surfaced and became popular around the same time as The Urantia Book, during the mid-70’s to mid-80’s.

They were both ‘revelations,’ and while UB was supposedly writen by a group of super- mortal authors, A Course in Miracles was supposedly authored by Jesus.

The former, the Urantia Book is more of a “how come,” whereas A Course in Miracles is more of a “how to” book; one was much more esoterical, the other more like a self-help book with extremely heavy spiritual overtones.

In the end, the Urantia Book still lies in ambiguity, while ACIM flourished.

Ms. Williamson is a very successful spritual life coach, and for that reason it was very satisfying to see her on that stage with her fellow democratic nominees. One wonders if her friendship with Oprah had any influence in Marianne making the decision to run for president.

Regardless, it was good to see a true candidate who in fact does represent what I think is a ‘spiritual class.’ of people who are growing in this country.

Spirituality matters for a lot of people. It’s not discussed openly, but spiritual values do matter to hundreds of millions of people in the U.S. however they choose to express it.

Marianne Williamson was perhaps the only person up there on that stage who could, with 100% credibility say, “I think I speak for the people who follow The teachings of Jesus.”

Funny thing is no one mentioned exactly what her faith is, I saw not one reference to ACIM in any subsequent story on Marianne, perhaps because the media would not know how to report it.

To make things better in this world, we need to begin improving our thinking. And people like Marianne are part of that crowd.

It was a sign of the times seeing a spiritualist up there, let’s hope we see more of her kind in the future.


  1. I have been a student of the UB for 40+ years. No book has had greater influence over my life, period. However, one of my other favorite books is Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return to Love”. It is a simple, thoughtful, meaningful, and fruitful guide for spiritual living. Ms.Williamson provides much needed insight to our broken political dialogue. I agree with her assessment of the future of our planet if we don’t make dramatic changes. We may be in for some bleak days ahead.


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