The Race Thing

With all of this talk about Race, I wonder what most people would think of the Urantia Book’s depiction of the origins of race and the spiritual purpose of race.

Mostly addressed in specific papers having to do with our evolutionary history as a species AND as separate colored races, here is a thumbnail account as I understand race to be regarded as an integral part of our worlds past, present and future development.

The Urantia Book specifically states 5 reasons why race is important, from Paper 64:

1. Variety is indispensable to opportunity for the wide functioning of natural selection, differential survival of superior strains.
2. Stronger and better races are to be had from the interbreeding of diverse peoples when these different races are carriers of superior inheritance factors. 
3. Competition is healthfully stimulated by diversification of races.
4. Differences in status of the races and of groups within each race are essential to the development of human tolerance and altruism.
5. Homogeneity of the human race is not desirable until the peoples of an evolving world attain comparatively high levels of spiritual development.

We could debate any one of these five points, each are revealing as to purpose, but controversial in practice. Race is a very sensitive subject at the present time. When one speaks of racial differences, arguments arise, concerns about racial superiority seem to surface and what gets lost is not what makes us the same, but what makes us different in our actual attributes. Is the right hand any better or more superior than the left hand? Of course not, but they are equally dispensable in being effective in accomplishing a specific purpose, hence what God could not accomplish with one race, he made seven.

To me it is wonderful that God made us into different colors. We are the colors of the rainbow, we each represent that aspect of Gods character, for God is in each of us, no matter our skin color, so it would seem natural that God would create variety in humanity, just as he has done in all of creation. No two stars are alike, neither are two people.  

The question raised by this author is would more knowledge of our racial histories help us harmonize our efforts and heal the wounds of our historical racial differences?  

I believe it could, so let me put out some Urantia statements about our races here on Earth, according to the UB:

We sprang from one family and the Sangik race emerged in northwest India about 500,000 years ago (the first actual human was of a slightly grayish-red skin tone, who are in actuality the ancestors to the Eskimo, who predates the colored races by about half a million years). The Sangik, or colored races were superior to both the pre-existing Neanderthal, who had been around for about 250,000 years but had failed to grow both intellectually and spiritually, and the Andonites, the first true human beings of will effect). The colored races, being superior to the Neanderthal, speedily killed or absorbed them over thousands of years. The Andonites (Denisovans) were absorbed or greatly diminished, fleeing to the polar regions where there ancestors remain today.

The racial groups were as follows, in the original Sangik family is described as such from Paper 64:

“These Sangik children, nineteen in number, were not only intelligent above their fellows, but their skins manifested a unique tendency to turn various colors upon exposure to sunlight. Among these nineteen children were five red, two orange, four yellow, two green, four blue, and two indigo. These colors became more pronounced as the children grew older, and when these youths later mated with their fellow tribesmen, all of their offspring tended toward the skin color of the Sangik parent.”

In the subsequent years and unto the present day, the Red tribe expanded and took Asia, bur were driven across the Bering Straits about 80,000 years ago, so the Red tribe took North America, eventually all of Central and South America as well. The Yellow race, the Chinese, took Asia. The Blue Man, what the Urantia Book authors’ calls the Cro-Magnon, took Northwest Asia and all of Europe. The Indigo took Africa. The remaining two, the Green and the Orange took North Africa and parts of the Middle east region, but over the course of a few hundred thousand years of fighting between these two groups, they eventually exterminated each other, with the exception of a few surviving remnants who were more or less absorbed into the Indigo race.

The “brown” races are really a mixture of variations of yellow and indigo, along with yellow, indigo and some red, and some Andonite (Denisovans). The Indian and middle Eastern races represents the admixture of almost all of the races, with the exception of the Blue.

At this point, according to the Urantia Book, to determine one’s racial ancestry, our skeletons are more reliable and we are broken down into three primary groups or racial types, the Caucasoid, the Negroid and the Mongoloid, and even within these primary branches, there is so much intermingling at this late stage its hard to tell which ancestry is more dominant.

And then you have to factor in Adam and Eves “violet” admixture, which is said to have increased our intellectual and our spiritual capacity since they introduced a superior life plasm some 37,000 years ago.

So most of us, in addition to our actual racial ancestry, also contains a little of Adam and Eve’s blood as well, according to the Revelation.

As modern humans we are one admixef race, an evolved and progressive human race, but of many different variation-al hybrids; we all have a little bit of each other in one another, and in the last analysis, though we are each unique, we are also equal, spiritually speaking, in the eyes of God.

What remains a challenge for us is accepting our differences and our common history. Our inherent racial gifts make us slightly different in this world, We must learn to cherish what makes us unique so as to determine our individual contribution to the eventual emergence of the Supreme Being, God in partnership with his creation.

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