The Power of Howard Stern

When Howard speaks people listen.

The reason they listen is because he represents raw honesty. He is the real deal. Unfiltered, the essence of what people think but are afraid to say.

When I heard Howard was talking about the Urantia Book I got excited. Howard reaches upwards to 10 million daily listeners. Do you even realize what that means? When in history does anyone have the ability to reach 10 million human beings in one day?

My point is that Howard knows this, and everything he does on his show is planned, even if it sounds impromptu. The fast back and forth is chemistry between the characters of the show.

The pacing, the dialogue, it’s like a bit, and it is, between people who have been doing this routine for 40 years.

I loved the humor, which is a great entry point to introducing Urantia Book insights.

Like I said, getting exposure is always important, and getting Howad Stern to talk about it for 10 minutes is exciting if you are an enthusiastic Urantia Book reader, such as me.

We who read and believe the Urantia Book is a revelation have not had to deal with publicity.

The very word Urantia has been mostly obscure, which gives us safe harbor. But this could change. Howard is just a start.

I have dropped a podcast which features the August 6th segment, or you can watch below.

Exciting times, indeed.

Be prepared.


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