Keep ‘Em Coming Kanye

I think it is so great that Kanye West’s new movie Jesus is King is being promoted and is supposed do very well (it’s even in Imax!). 

The thing is, today Jesus gets a bad rap. I mean, he is very controversial these days, at least from folks who feel a little riled up if you bring up Jesus, or whatever. Right?
In general, I think people do not feel comfortable talking about religion. Perhaps among similar minds there is religious discussion, but in general, we keep things to ourselves, and for the exact reason that we don’t want to rock the boat on specifics of what we believe.

My own experience is that even among very close friends, religion is like the least talked about subject. I think that is why when someone like Kanye, who is not exactly the poster boy for Christian virtues, goes to this length to express his Christian beliefs, I feel encouraged. I think Justin Bieber is trying to do the same thing. Young people could use a dose of Jesus. They grew up not ever hearing about him from their parents, who didn’t think it was cool to be a Christian in the sixties. 

The young kids today have been thoroughly secularized by the mainstream media. Religion, if depicted or portrayed, is usually in the negative light, or an adjunct to some social right being denied to someone because religious people are supposedly intolerant.In other words, mostly younger people today don’t know about the positive aspects of faith, the part where you feel connected to a greater cause, that there are statements that provoke deep and satisfying thinking, that spirituality is inspiring and ennobling. That faith gives us courage.

Congratulations to Kanye and keep ’em coming.