The Trinity in All Of Us

I want to talk about the Trinity.

It might not be something that you think matters. But it does.

The Trinity represents the pattern by which all creation is imprinted.

But I want to tell you a story first. It’s about creation.

At some theoretical point in time, the perfect Deity decided that existential perfection was incomplete. Existential simply means always and eternal. It is perfection MINUS experience.

In order to have experience and in order for perfection to become experiential, which means always experiencing, there had to be a dynamic living and experiential relationship between the self and “the other.” Two selves experiencing a mutually shared relationship constitutes experience.

And so the 2nd person of Deity came into existence, the Son, the Word, the expression of personality that is co-equal with the 1st PERSON of Deity.

So at this theoretical moment in time, and I say theoretical because we are finite beings, everything we know has a beginning and an end. For the Trinity in which everything is infinite and eternal, in order fo us to grasp meaning, infinite concepts have to be expressed in finite terms.

So when this theoretical moment when the Father and the Son, the first and second persons of Deity, had their first shared experience, there came into existence a conjoint mind that makes it possible for person to communicate and have a relationship, and thus the Third Person of Deity, the Infinite Spirit, the Universal Mind, the Conjoint Actor, came into exosteince to facilitate and expand the trinity relationship.

We know the trinity as The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit. This triune  relationship makes possible the myriad of relationships which make up creation.

Moving outward from Paradise where the Trinity is centered, there is Mind, Matter and Spirit. In terms of value, the Trinity is express in Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

In the human experience, we exist in physical form, matter, we we have mind, and our spirit provides our ability to discern means and values in living experience which provides for personality growth- experiential wisdom.

So know you can get a sense of why the Trinity is important. Google it sometime. There is much written about it, and it has intrigued mankind for thousands of years. Almost every major religion embraces the trinity concept.

The Trinity also helps understand the relations we have with the difference persona of Trinity, and especially, how they administer to us.

For example, the Urantia Book says that while God the Father is the source and center of personality, as well as the primordial controller of all physical energy throughout the existence of Paradise, the centrifugal gravity source of all matter in the universe, God is also the spirit that indwells all ascending mortals of time and space. God is not only “out there,” but he is also “in here,” and because God is a person, and you are a person, this makes it possible for every human being to have a personal relationship with the first person of Deity.

God the Son is the creator of all the Sons and Daughters of God who oversea universal growth and perfection attainment. Remember, God started all of this because he wanted to attain experiential perfection – and this means that as each of us perfect, so does the Supreme become more perfect everyday.

Many sons have been here. Lucifer is a fallen son, a grand child, or sorts of the Father, Adam was a Son, Gabriel is a son, but they are creations, expressions really, of God the Father and God’s the Son in personality form.

It’s why Jesus was the only begotten son, the only son who perfectly expresses that aspect of God’s infinite character. As an analogy, think of a very large family, all of your material offspring represent an aspect of your combined DNA, but in a spiritual sense, The Trinity expresses itself in the creation of all kinds of spirit personalities.

God the Father and God the Spirit “expressed” and economy of angelic beings who range from extremely high functioning and lower functioning, and like mortal ascenders, they too gain experience through living, through serving, through DOING.

So that Trinity not only provides a pattern between varying realities of mind, matter and spirit, but they also express by producing economies of beings who serve in and through these three reality environments, and Mind, Matter and Spirit each co-exist, just as the Trinity co-exists.
So, from paper 10, the opening introduction we read: 

10:0.1 THE PARADISE TRINITY of eternal Deities facilitates the Father’s escape from personality absolutism. The Trinity perfectly associates the limitless expression of God’s infinite personal will with the absoluteness of Deity. The Eternal Son and the various Sons of divine origin, together with the Conjoint Actor and his universe children, effectively provide for the Father’s liberation from the limitations otherwise inherent in primacy, perfection, changelessness, universality, absoluteness, and infinity.

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