A Solemn Promise

By James R. Watkins

December 3, 2019

I have known three great men who passed away this year. It is a chillimg reminder of my mortality. It is a reminder of my futility.

Life begins to end once we are born, but we hope we continue even when this life has passed. We hope we keep our memories.

But the solemn promise I make is this: to whatever my life means, I trust in the journey, the path to God who is really the creator of my personality, and yours, too.

We are droplets in the ocean of creation, we are creations handiwork, expressions of his eternal character. We are his children.

I am his child, and so are you, no better or worse, but connected with each other in this life.

My solemn pledge is to remember we serve each other, and in doing so, we serve to the glory of God the Supreme.

But the journey does not end there.

As partners, God and me, and you, we prepare for the next stage in God’s creation, by being better teachers, ministers, counselors, and guides to all fellows in the ages to come.

Is there not a better plan?

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