Understanding The Urantia Revelation – Part 3

In Part 1 of our four part series we explore the first section of the Urantia Revelation. It is there we learn about God, his dwelling place, the central Universe of Havona and the seven super universes, the reason they exist, the personalities who inhabit this grand universe and the function of Deity as it relates to both group association and administration, but also, about how Deity relates to the individual, and the varying agencies who minister to the mortals of time and space.

In the 2nd part of our series we look to the second section of the Urantia revelation and are provided a much closer look at our local creation, our universe, of which Christ Michael, who we know as Jesus, reigns as the Master and Sovereign Creator Son of the heavenly father, and who, in divine and eternal partnership with the daughter of the holy spirit, look over their creation, the myriad of suns, planets, systems, constellations and spiritual spheres which make up their creation. Moving outward from Paradise, Part 2 brings the reality of God to our level of reality, but we also learn that much of our ascendant future resides in this universe, and the plan is outlined in Part 2, including the narrative if our celestial career. 

Now, having taken us to the outer levels of creation, we come to our world, Urantia, place among the heavens, and in part 3 we learn the history of our world, beginning with the beginnings of our sun, the beginnings of our solar system, the beginnings of life, the early beginnings of history, of mankind, and an exhaustive history lesson on our cultures, traditions, religious history, racial history, evolutionary development, and lastly, our future.

There are 67 chapters, or papers that make up Part 3. 

Part 3 also explains our moral struggle, our planetary ages and several key events in our history that have retarded our growth. The Urantia Book declares this book a revelation so it takes a very bold step at explaining our history so as to “fill in the missing gaps,” and to bring clarity to confusion, mostly having to do with our religion evolution. We learn that people still more or less are ignorant of spiritual truth, ours is an evolutionary story and we were deprived of certain knowledge the Urantia book authors are attempting to compensate for. So in this section, not only do we learn historical truths, but we are also introduced to spiritual truths that they believe will aid us in the ages to come, truths that we probably would have learned long ago, but didn’t due to no fault of our own, namely the two defaults, The fall of Caligastia, which is outlined and found surviving in bits and pieces in our Old and New testament (The Book of Daniel and Revelations), and the fall of Adam and Eve, who succumb to trying to move things along b abrogating established divine precendent, which is fully explained in Part 3.

Part 3 also leaves us at the doorstep of the last Revelation, the full life and teachings of Jesus, which makes up part 4 of the Urantia Revelation.

Our History is pretty fascinating. It’s a little science and what sounds like a lot of science fiction, but it is consistent and it really does give us a clear view of the past and  iattempts to give us a road map to a future of peace, but it doesn’ts tell us how to do it, it only tells us there is a great future and we have a long way to go. 

Most religions deprive people of a clear path, but this chapter is literal, and will be at odds at many of todays notions of human history. The papers dealing with race will upset many people, but is it is the truth and can be verified, then hurt feelings and political correctness will evebtually have t make way for a sobering and hinest evaluation of our selves if we are to achive a higher state of social evlotuion. 

But what is also important is our spiritual destiny. Part 3 also proves for a spiritual revelation, we learn about the spirt in us more clearly, and of the soul, and we also learn about the spiritual economy of existence. 

There’s much to ponder, but this is a good place to end our summary review of Part three of the Urantia Revelation…

Next time, the fourth and final chapter of our four p[art series on Understanding the Urantia revelation, until next time…

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