Who Listens to Urantia Radio?

Every once in awhile I like to share with my audience who is listening. I get monthly reports on both the site and the Podcast. It is, for me, a measurement of the receptivity of the global revelation. It is not the only one, but it is the one that I use to determine if my efforts are being received.

It is an honor, a true honor indeed, to share a revelation with my fellow human beings. So many are so unaware of the fact that a revelatory truth has been given to them, and because of our culture and the rise of secularism, the Urantia Book is clearly hidden in plain site.

Because of the wisdom of the revelators, perhaps even of Gabriel himself (it was Gabriel who gave permission for the authors to do their revelatory work), the book is spreading fast due to the prerequisite work done by the Urantia Foundation, the Fellowship and numerous other agencies of people who are so in love with the truth that they have pushed the Urantia Book out and across the planet.

Urantia Foundation president Mo Siegel does a terrific job keeping all of us informed with the growth of the revelation (his monthly updates are included in our news feed); Chris Wood at Urantia Association also does a superb job posting regular updates on global growth and activity, and the team in Boulder (Truthbook.com) is so essential in giving readers a place to go to meet other readers and discuss ideas about the fifth epochal revelation, so it is truly amazing for me, a longtime reader, to see some of the initial harvest of the revelation coming to fruition, though everyone agrees there is still much work to be done.

The world is starving spiritually and we have the ability to bring God back into many people’s lives by sharing the Urantia Book with them through the myriad of channels that are being created by selfless folks who tirelessly work to bring new truth to the this dark world.

So, as a matter of demographics, who listens to the Urantia Radio live stream?

With regard to the newly launched podcasts, the news is very exciting indeed. We have logged over 5,000 downloads since the launch in September.

Podcasting, which is an emerging platform, offers listeners them ability to listen on-demand, and also gives curious truth-seekers a chance to find podcasts by subject matter.

While there is a plethora of YouTube videos about the Urantia Book (my favorite now is Alice Woods’ Urantia Life Lessons) there are actually very few podcasts on the Urantia Book. But the good news is we are growing.

As to how they listen (platform), looks like they are finding us on their Apple Phones, or through Spotify:

As to where the listeners are from, most appear to be from the U.S., but our cousins ‘across the pond’ in Ireland seemed to be curious as well:

I am excited – and encouraged – by the growth.

Thank you for your continued to support!

email me anytime at urantiabookradio@gmail.com

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