We Have To Be Hungry For the Truth

There is an argument to be made that the world may not ready for this revelation, the Urantia Book, or for that matter, any revelatory message that might come down from God, and the immediate task is to continue to grow the revelation quietly, just as the Salem Missionaries spread monotheism throughout the world, inspiring and influencing all of the major religions that would emerge right down to the times of Jesus.

It was the work of Machiventa Melchizedek, “the Sage of Salem,” an emergency Son who rescued the truth of God from being extinguished, to keep the light burning in the hearts and minds of men and prepare the way for the Son of Man. In this same way our work in spreading the new revelation will be slow, but sure.

Most of the current readership will never see the fruits of our labor translated into the lives of millions of people who found the revelation. Most of those who study this revelation now will never see mainstream acceptance of this book until such a time when people are spiritually and intellectually prepared to accept the premise of the revelations’ message, which is that we are part of a much larger reality beyond our brief mortal life in the flesh.

China is actually the future for the world as the dominant form of government unless there is a spiritual revival, or else through some revelation, something akin to, or even perhaps the Urantia Book itself, that will create a push-back to this emerging nihilistic throughout Asia, one in which every individual is reduced to a “netizen,” giving total submission and loyalty to the State who controls every move through technology.

China is a living model of a world that lives in spiritual darkness. Just this month the ruling party of China, the Chinese Communist Party, ruled that all religions must enforce the States’ central ideology or they will not be allowed to exist. All religious ceremonies will need to be approved by the government. In a society that is fast-becoming 100% monitored, there will be no dissenters. This ideology should send a shock wave to every human being, but it doesn’t.

And there are even some leaders in this country who advocate even now for this kind of a system in the U.S.. Secular progressives also want God out of humanity; they deem religion moot in the age of science, and see no value in its heritage, or its contributions to human knowledge or culture.

More and more nations are beginning to adopt policies that do not allow for spiritual or religious expression. Once people in free countries give up on faith and religion and its valuable contributions to society, the desire to push back against secularism becomes lessened.

From the West there is little, if any, outrage to the slaughter of thousands of Christians every month worldwide. We don’t care because secularism marginalizes religion, ignores it without regard. We have become desensitized to religious oppression.

America only represents 5% of the worlds population. Yet our influence is great. Perhaps this is the Urantia Book was given to us?

And because our country uniquely allows for religious pluralism, because its liberties are premised on the very teachings of Christ himself, as well as the great truths going all the way back to Greece and Rome, America, the United States. remains the sole country that promotes – by law – the exercise of individual free will, and this makes America in the 21st century a unique place to be, especially when you consider the other secular forces that exist.

Despite the U.S. being the shining beacon on the hill, Today’s Christianity seems powerless to fight back against the secularist tyranny that is on the rise.

In the Middle East and Africa, religious minorities, mostly Christians, are being slaughtered. In China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and elsewhere, religious freedom are strictly controlled. In the West religion faces a different, more subtle enemy: Atheism.

Atheism is cleverly disguised in the West as Materialism, the belief that only the physical reality exists; that there is no spiritual process or ‘plan’ behind any of life other than what we make of it. It is ‘Big Bang’ science that has replaced Deism, the belief in a spiritual power or force for all that is good, true and holy.

Religion is now portrayed in the West as bigoted, oppressive, part of a patriarchy that is both racist and sexist. Religious instruction is disallowed in public schools; in media religion is ignored on television, and in movies, hero-worship is extended to many celebrities themselves are proud secularists who give glory to themselves.

In the West great emphasis is put on material pursuits, so, as the Urantia Book states, “while the atheist denies the reality of existence of God, secularism simply ignores him.”

But what happens when a planet whose very existence was planned by God, denies God? What happens to a people who forget eternal realities, forgets the language of faith and all of the great truths we learn from Scripture, from the other great religious books, including the Urantia Book? What happens when our very language is unable to find expressions for words like God, the soul, spiritual living, because there is no context to what those words mean anymore? Our modern culture has sought to elimnate the classics from our academia, authors who long sought for truth, but who are ignore in the neo-modernist age where only the NOW is regarded as having value.

How can world progress towards peace and spiritual unity when the very word God has little value? What happens to a people when they turn their backs on the idea of eternal life or even of eternal values, when the vary notion of God is seen as silly or against Reason itself.

The answer is a dark world has already come.

In order for truth to spread, truth must be desired, truth must be wished for. Only an enlightened people can embrace ideas of free will and self determination and not be self-destructive.

As Urantia Book readers, our goal is simple: to keep the light of truth burning, just as did the Salem Missionaries, just as the early Disciples of Jesus. But just like the early beginnings of the Christian church, there was also a long period of darkness that followed after Jesus’ truth were proclaimed. The Urantia writers ponder what would have happened had Rome embraced Christianity sooner, would it have survived?

We have to accept that we may be entering a dark age of Atheism and Humanism, where powerful governments take the place of the Church, the place of even God.

Only when the people have grown weary and seen the worst of materialism will they be willing to turn to Deity. Only when man is fully disgusted with his own hubris will he be willing to seek a better way. As it has always been.

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