The Dangers of Revelation

Forgive me my absence. It has been sometime since my last post. Time has been preoccupied with a pandemic and a desire to thrust myself into the podcast world to report it. I felt compelled to provide honest information. Most do not.

All of this at the sacrifice of my Urantia website and podcast. But all is not lost. To take the edge off of these contentious times I have been listening to hours upon hours of audio from the Chris Halvorson study sessions they have archived on the Perfecting Horizons website.

These are audio files of Urantia Book study groups conducted at his Perfecting Horizons Institute in Boulder.

There are two parts to this blog. The first is how much I appreciate what Chris has done. The second is on the key takeaway points I wish to share with you regarding the revelation itself, and credit again goes to Chris for providing the impetus for the commentary I am about to share.

There is a lot to learn by the way Mr. Halvorson does his study groups. There is no doubt his knowledge of the Urantia Book is replete. Also, having a person who has a doctorate in Physics explain the Urantia Book is a unique and enjoyable listening experience. I invite you to listen. Most of my experience has been listening to people expressing how they feel about the papers, but Chris leaves his own feelings out, as it were, and instead, focuses on the intent of the book in presenting new truth instead of mere facts

At some point while I was listening to Chris (reading and discussing Paper 72 on the Lucifer Rebellion from the Urantia Book), I realized that I, too, have also fallen into the trap of thinking about the facts of the UB as opposed to the truth; I have tried to use facts to share the revelation instead of truth. By using facts to share truth, the truth gets lost.

For example, when we talk about the fact that Urantia is the 606th world in a system of other worlds, we miss the truth that God’s creation is filled with life – that is the revelation, not our planetary numerical order. Which concept has more meaning? the number of our world, or that our world is not alone? Today our world is on the precipice of discovering other worlds with life. How well-received would it be to have a book that confirms such things are true?

Here is another example of focusing on facts instead of truth. I can focus on the fact of there being a seraphic government of varying groups of angels helping us, or I can convey the truth that there is indeed an economy of loving spiritual beings who are part of our growing experience of existence. and that it is being revelaed to us for the first time who they are and what they do?

Always look to the truth behind the facts.

The Urantia Book is a collection of facts that attempt to show an orderly and well-guided universe of living systems. Chris points out repeatedly the Urantia papers as whole, is a revelation of new truth of the fact that there is a real purpose and sublime destiny that exists beyond the material order. The Urantia Book explains these things to us because we, according to the revelators, are ready to receive this expanded cosmology.

The Urantia papers are a revelation, not an affirmation. We can’t simply “pour new wine into old wineskins.”

The Urantia Book will be unsettling because it clarifies evolutionary religion, it clears up many misconceptions we have developed in our many religions, and in doing so, many people of authority within these various religions will be challenged by what the Urantia Book states. People’s own preconceived notions of God, Deity and divinity will be challenged by the revelation.

Revelation is new wine being poured into old wineskins when we attempt to reveal too much too soon because people have a tendency to take new information and view it through the lense of pre-conceived and cherished ideas. “The influence of the ghost cult,” Professor Halvorson says, “doesn’t go away easily.”

It’s a good lesson to remember.

The audio recordings which can be found on Perfecting Horizons are an intimate way of sharing truth, instead of just the facts. 

We early adapters must be patient with the world at large. The good news though, according to Halvorson, is all is proceeding as it should.

The fifth epochal revelation is new to all of us, so the experience of what to do with it? Well, only the future will tell.


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