God Needs Grit

I used to pray in public to show other people I was religious, thinking that might help them become more religious, too. I realized that if I have to wear my religious feelings on my sleeve to be self-important, I wasn’t actually being religious.

My son said to me once when he went to Church with a friend that he liked church but it was “too religious.”  That line was a gem of truth for me. It fit my idea that religion, which is a philosophy and more of a moral code is too religious and this is why I believe people get turned off by it, as they should.

I believe in the afterlife, I believe in Jesus as God’s Divine Son who lived here as a human being so he could better know the life of a mortal, physical man, all of this to be closer to us so he can reveal God’s personal nature. This I take as a matter of fact as well as of faith. It is such a personal conviction that I do not feel it necessary to be religious just to be piously exhibitive.

I take it as a matter if fact that my life here is just as important as my next life in whatever form God has ready for me. I’m not worried. I wish more people had this kind of settled faith, but I understand that many people have varying reasons why they find it hard to fathom such things as eternal life, resurrection, redemption by a higher power that makes such things possible. I get it.

People today are antagonistic towards religion. Most people live secular lives, they are completely ignorant of spiritual thinking because they haven’t been taught the language.  Religion, aside from what we were exposed to as kids, is not existent in culture, music, or other forms of entertainment unless you seek it out.

Google doesn’t even offer a news column on religion, and if it does have a religious story on their news feed, it is usually related to LGBTQ issues. Most news sites have no Religious News feeds, and for the reason that religious news has little appeal. Perhaps that is why the world turns a blind eye to religious persecution

A close family who happens to be secular stated be believes people should be prohibited from wearing a Christian cross. It’s offensive he says, religion hurts people, according to him.

So there we are, a world that is mostly non-religious. Faith, spiritual notions of salvation are all asides in today’s world. Do people wonder if there is a connection with this spiritual void and the decrepid state of the world?

Are we a more moral race than before the enlightenment? Are we more spiritual in our efforts to eradicate spirituality from our language?

But here is the truth. There is an afterlife, and you don’t get there if you persistently deny it exists. It is not punishment, it is a matter of a willingness to participate in the divine plan of ascension.

Let me explain.

You see, we are all (mostly intelligent mortal humans) born with soul potential. This only means that if we choose in our life to consider the possibility that we are more than mere mortal, that soul grows, the soul comes from and reaches to identify with the higher reality of the spirit, not downward toward the material patterns of energy.

Our minds, which lies in the citadel of the organism of the brain, are electrochemical energy patterns resting upon consciousness, a non-material form. It’s why we are not the same. If mind were uniform, thoughts would simply be a mechanistic array of neuronic activity; such a process would be automatic, reflexive, not reflective. Contrast to the mind of lower animal forms; see this in animals like birds, and fish, lower forms of semi-intellectual life. A Cat doesn’t postualte meanings and values. People can. People do.

Our intelligent minds also have a hidden passenger, a secret stowaway that happens to originate from the spiritual creator of the universe. That’s right, the spirit fragment of the Universal first source and center of all things, God, rides along with us during our very short life.

“In all of your afflictions, I am afflicted”

God is along for the ride; he helps us. It is like bluetooth, better than bluetooth, accessing the cloud of divine truth. But our soul, still potential, requires an agreement, a partnership, a commitment of sorts.

This fragment, the spirit of God that resides in our minds says to us, if you will trust me, I will carry you to eternity and makes it forever possible for God and Man to co-exist exist in the mind.

Please don’t misunderstand, we are not potential Gods like God, we are ascending mortals who choose to be as God would be if he were human. You see the difference? Let’s keep a check on the ego. There is a fragment of God in you, not the totality of God.

So you have heard of being born again. Jesus said that in oder to receive salvation, you must be born again, of the spirit.

We started out as embryonic parasites, and for nine months we sat in mommy’s tummy, developing, and then we had our physical birth, we came alive.

In the same sense, once we accept the notion that we have a spirit inheritance, a spiritual continuance where the “I” in me constitutes the enduring personality, my uniqueness, with Gods spirit, remains forever enjoined for the eternal adventure.

And that is all being born again means. simply saying, yes, I am not merely a physical being, I am an intellectual identity and a spiritual ascender, a citizen of Gods’ universe – and off you go.

You have just gone from having a finite world view to an infinite universal view. You are born of the spirit.

We have to make that spiritual connection, we have to be born again, which is simply to recognize, as truth, that you identify as a spiritual identity.

Here is a quote that helps differentiate the three levels of reality, that of Mind, Matter and Spirit.

Spirit is to mind what mind is to physical reality; Matter is to mind what mind is to spirit, same thing.

Mind works within physical reality to be sure, our minds move things; we adapt to our enviornment, this constitutes the defintion of life, the interaction between a conscience being interacting with the physical envrionment.

But the mind responds to spirit.

Physical reality, or physical things do not respond to spirit forces, but mind, because it is a non-physical reality, can conceptualize spirit reality, it can perceive truth, love is a spirit phenomena, spirit love, altruism, these are spirit realities that allow the mind to operate above the mere physical level, reflexive, reactive.

Mind can know, not just do.

Heaven exists in the physical theatre of the universe. Jesus said “In my fathers house are many Mansions.”

There is still the physical, we will need nourishment, we will live among others, albiet a much wider range of others , and we retain our own personality, in other words, we pick up over there where we leave off here.

The Urantia Revelation states there are coming into existence more than a few hundred million new universes in the outer regions of undeveloped space, and that we, as ascenders will have a future role in serving, building, administering and playing a role in developing the evolutionary worlds of the future.

God is training us for that future service. For most people who read this statement, it will be the first time such a concept has been introduced to you of that nature. Noodle on that postulation because what it means is that God needs grit from us. He needs reliability, loyalty, patience and courage.

This life provides that necessary training.

Thomas Jefferson once quipped that he lived every moment of his life as if everyone weas watching. Its a good code because it is true. There ios nothing you have done and nothing that you have thought that isn’t on your personal record, it is you, you are the accumulation of your own decisions. All of your decisions have brought you where you are today.

If everyone on this world now knew they would be held accountable for their life, if we all lived as if we knew we would continue to live and have all o four memories, how would we live differently. I used to tell my kids that this life is like elementary school; we are here to learn, this is really our pre-life, we are children learning basic rules. The real life starts when we take our last breath and our spirit takes our soul and we are literally born of the spirit., in reality, translated souls from the flesh.

And all of this should make this life much more worth living. You don’t have to be religious as much as you should just be more aware that you live in an orderly universe that has rules, and one of those rules says is it is better to be a good person, to believe in goodness, that we are, as Desiderata gives us this:

You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.

And from Sydney Lumet, from the Film the Verdict, “Act as of ye had faith, and faith shall be given to you.”

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