A Revelation of New Truth, Delivered in Timely Fashion

Note: I will be adding to this original article. This is not a finished essay, but an evolving overview of how I see the fifth epochal revelation being integrated  into society as a whole.

I believe there are three primary reasons the Urantia revelation was given to us during this time of human evolution.

1. To prepare for the later reception of a Magisterial Son, or other Divine personality who may chance to appear prior to Michael/Jesus’ return.

2. To uplift man’s spiritual understanding of the cosmos, and in doing so, improve upon man’s personal relationship with his spirit fragment, which comes from God.

3. To improve the quality of life for society at large by providing helpful information on how to improve social evolution, thereby improving the quality of life for the greatest number of people.

It will take generations for the revelation to seed grow. Eventually even the scholarly will discover the Urantia revelation and will be stunned by its accurate account of human evolution, as disclosed in part 3 of the papers.

The Urantia Book is a multi-generational endeavor and will require time before it receives its due recognition as a revelatory document, just as the Salem teachings of Melchizedek took time to spread its influence; and still later, the time of John, then Jesus and his teachings. Therefore is it true, reception of this most recent revelation is inversely proportional to, and reflective of, the intellectual, moral and spiritual maturation of society.

From 1942 to its publishing in 1955 there was that first initial group introduced to the new revelation, numbering less than 600 people who lived in Chicago, Illinois.

From 1955 to the present, two generations have come into contact with the teachings, and we are now witnessing exponential growth of reception through translations and new media techniques allowing easy access to the revelation, a major step for spread of the Urantia Book teachings.

Even today, we see more secondary works being produced as a result of this second generational growth spurt. A true global Urantia Book community is beginning to appear. The revelation is growing organically and without the aid of the usual priesthoods or practices associated with religious movements.

The Urantia Book appeals to people of all faiths, which makes it flexible, not static, adaptive and inclusive to all God-centered faiths.

Revealed truth of an epochal nature has arrived in the form of a well-coordinated and superbly executed collection of 119 primary papers outlining the history and nature of Deity and universe cosmology, and an additional 77 papers (over 700 hundred pages) which detail the life and teachings of the fourth epochal revelation, Jesus of Nazareth 

Our work continues in sharing the good news, and these last few years have truly been encouraging for those who are excited by the Urantia Book; The light of life continues to grow in the minds of mortals of Urantia, aided by this most recent revelation of truth. And I can see a time in the not- too-distant future when our leaders and influencers in society will begin to tap into the vast spiritual resources offered by this most recent revelation, a gift from Christ himself!

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