The Urantia Radio Podcast: Exploring A New Revelation

The Urantia Podcast is hosted by Jim Watkins, a student of the Urantia revelation and author of A New Revelation: Exploring the Urantia Book

In these weekly podcasts we explore various subject matter contained in the Urantia revelation for sharing and study purposes.

We welcome all faiths and religions.


Recent Articles

What If Jesus Had Lived To Be 80?

Ponder this. Let us say in our universe there are 10 million worlds that have life. That isn’t very much when you consider there are 100 million stars or more in just our local region of space, that would be roughly 1 world per 10 solar systems if it were true. We are told God […]

The Wilson Connection

Let us draw illustrations that indicate it is not until man has the first internal dialogue with Self that true intellectual growth begins to occur. It is in fact, this internal conversation between self and ego that determines growth. Remember the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks? Remember Wilson, the volleyball he speaks to at about midway […]

Serve, Not Save

After almost 60 years I have figured out a real truth. Instead of wanting to save people, why don’t we, instead, serve people? That has been my problem all of these years, always feeling like I need to save people, not serve them. The world is full of people who want to save us, from […]

Rodan of Alexandria Urantia Radio Podcast

In this episode we explore Rodan of Alexandria (from Paper 160 of the Urantia Book), who lived during the times of Jesus and was an early follower. We explore his story and insights as well as discussions he had with the Apostles Nathaniel and Thomas, as they are narrated in Paper 160; Rodan had a rich life. The story of Rodan is a wonderful excerpt on what it was like to live back then, to know of Jesus and to be intrigued by these new teachings.  Plus there is a happy ending to this story which I hope you will enjoy. Lisa Gerrard sings the final arrangement from the Gladiator soundtrack, which is influenced by the music of that era. — Support this podcast:
  1. Rodan of Alexandria
  2. Decline of Religion in Society – We’ve been here before
  3. The Importance of Good Leadership
  4. Not Of This World – Jesus' Message of Faith
  5. God, The Self and the Human Ego
  6. The Part and the Whole: Best Description of God Ever Written
  7. John The Baptist and Urantia Events
  8. Jesus Talks About Angels
  9. We Can Thank The Frog
  10. JUDAS

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  1. 1.what convinced me that the book is true is.theosophical society leaders travellled alot and gathered many materials that even the bible have not share ,likewise the immaculate conception .the truth is there but you must desire 2.i have been able to convinced friends because my concept of GOD is now profound and i speak from a very,very far will really take time for the book to be accepted fully but in books,especially LUCIFERS REBELLION can add more light to those who want to know

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