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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read the Urantia Book (and Why I Do) Urantia Radio

I felt it was time to go down the list on the great things we find in the Urantia Book and why people might be interested in exploring what it has to say. Simple. Enjoy!
  1. 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read the Urantia Book (and Why I Do)
  2. Why Rome Fell – Message from our unseen friends
  3. Ratta – Princess of the World
  4. True and False Liberty
  5. Who's Side is God On, Anyway?
  6. Thoughts on Slavery and Faith
  7. Human Rights and Social Justice from a Urantian Perspective
  8. The Spirit and The Soul – Thoughts on Paper 111 from the Urantia Book
  9. 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Urantia Book
  10. America’s Rage – A Urantia perspective

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Which Side is God Rooting For?

A recent article by Cameron Hilditch in National Review on July 2nd talks about how there is an assertion of dominance going on between the West and the East, between what is referred to as a civilization-state, like Russia and China, and a nation-state, like the U.S., Mexico, or Canada. Cameron writes, when describing the […]

Race Reconciliation

There can be no question mankind must mete out our social stigmas as they have accumulated over time; one of these imperfections is our racial discrimination, and it isn’t just one race doing it to another, to be sure. We can all admit that there is racial discord. Thank God we have moved out of […]

God 2.0

God Must Be Redefined The spirit of religion is eternal, but the form of its expression must be restated every time the dictionary of human language is revised. (UB 99:1:6) The revelators tell us that the father concept is the highest concept we can have of our heavenly father-creator. “The Father idea is still the highest […]

The Dangers of Revelation

Forgive me my absence. It has been sometime since my last post. Time has been preoccupied with a pandemic and a desire to thrust myself into the podcast world to report it. I felt compelled to provide honest information. Most do not. All of this at the sacrifice of my Urantia website and podcast. But […]

A Virus, Angels and a Revelation

I have to admit, I’m not an end-of-the world kinna of guy, but this coronavirus thing has me a little worried, and it serves as a great reason to explore why having this revelation is especially vital during these times. Jesus reminded us to discern the turning of the leaves and the changing seasons. No […]

A Jubilee Like No Other

Below is an article by Joshua Wilson, a Urantia Book reader and pastor in Northern Arizona. When the Urantia Book talks of the “jubilee of Jubilees” it is in reference to a significant event regarding the risen Christ and the Holy Spirit, a consummation of sorts, which Joshua explains in full detail below. Thank you […]

We Have To Be Hungry For the Truth

There is an argument to be made that the world may not ready for this revelation, the Urantia Book, or for that matter, any revelatory message that might come down from God, and the immediate task is to continue to grow the revelation quietly, just as the Salem Missionaries spread monotheism throughout the world, inspiring […]


David Kantor, Facebook WHY CHRISTIANITY DESPERATELY NEEDS TO DISCOVER JESUS The greatest crisis in the long and checkered history of Christianity will strike Christian civilization like a bolt of lightning on the day NASA announces irrefutable evidence of intelligent life on another planet. Christianity, based largely on the personal experience and philosophy of the apostle […]

The Horrible Feeling of Non-Belief

by James R. Watkins Non-Belief is a horrible place. I am a rare person. I have been a faithful believer in God since I was about 7. I just knew there was a God and I spoke with him frequently and as casually as I would speak to you if I saw you in person. […]

The Trinity in All Of Us

I want to talk about the Trinity. It might not be something that you think matters. But it does. The Trinity represents the pattern by which all creation is imprinted. But I want to tell you a story first. It’s about creation. At some theoretical point in time, the perfect Deity decided that existential perfection […]


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