The Urantia Radio Podcast: Exploring A New Revelation

The Urantia Podcast is hosted by Jim Watkins, a student of the Urantia revelation and author of A New Revelation: Exploring the Urantia Book

In these weekly podcasts we explore various subject matter contained in the Urantia revelation for sharing and study purposes.

We welcome all faiths and religions.


Recent Articles

Did Humanity Receive a New Revelation?

An Argument for the Assertion on the Revelatory Importance of the Urantia Book.  By its own claim of being a revelation of spiritual and historical truth we are called to evaluate this assertion on the premise that, if true, such a revelation could have an enormous societal impact spanning the next century and beyond. The […]

God Needs Grit

I used to pray in public to show other people I was religious, thinking that might help them become more religious, too. I realized that if I have to wear my religious feelings on my sleeve to be self-important, I wasn’t actually being religious. My son said to me once when he went to Church […]

Jesus Would Be Canceled

How would Jesus fit in today?  I have often pondered this in the context of the next bestowal. How would people react today if there were a Son of God among us? Let us say there were reports of a highly educated religious man today whose writings and teachings were making headlines in the Middle […]

We Can Thank The Frog Urantia Radio Podcast

In this podcast we delve into Paper 65 on Evolution and how life came to our world, and what makes our planet very different from other life-producing worlds. Great science fiction, or revelatory science fact? You be the judge. — Support this podcast:
  1. We Can Thank The Frog
  2. The Urantia Foundation Report 2020 – From the front lines
  3. JUDAS
  4. Adam and Eve – What Went Wrong
  5. Amadon – Hero of the Rebellion
  6. Rodan of Alexander
  7. Second Thoughts on the Second Coming
  8. Preparing for the Next Son of God
  9. Jesus Spoke About True Religion
  10. God and Soul Survival

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  1. 1.what convinced me that the book is true is.theosophical society leaders travellled alot and gathered many materials that even the bible have not share ,likewise the immaculate conception .the truth is there but you must desire 2.i have been able to convinced friends because my concept of GOD is now profound and i speak from a very,very far will really take time for the book to be accepted fully but in books,especially LUCIFERS REBELLION can add more light to those who want to know

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