The Right To Believe Is Under Assault

by James R. Watkins


What is religion and why does it matter?

Religion is based on a singular idea that there is more to life than just the material world. If you go back in history, you will notice that man has always sought knowledge of the “ghost world”; Man at first negotiated with spirits to effect “good luck,” and later, these very same impulses evolved into the things like magic spells, incantations, and finally, to a thing called “prayer,” which led ultimately to worship.

Again, you may be someone who is not particularly interested in religion, but because man has religion, all of our moral codes, our laws, our “rights” have derived from the religious concept of morality. The Greeks were arguing this point 2500 years ago.

Mankind has long debated the existence of a spiritual world, if for no other reason than we have this inclination to seek truth, and if that truth also includes a place, or even just an idea, of something more ennobling than just physical life, one begins to understand that religion on its own, represents an intellectual desire to find and understand truth. 

In other words, people have, to a greater or lesser agree, religion in our DNA. It is hard-wired for us to seek truth and understanding, and these are religious impulses. How we choose to express our religious impulse explains why there are so many religions in the world, and not all of them have bore good fruit, but in its essence, religious is what distinguishes us, more than any other attribute, from our animal cousins. We are the only species on the planet that “worships.”

Now in today’s world, that might not mean as much because of secularism. But what should interest you is that there is a concerted effort by a growing number of people and governments who want to minimize, marginalize or otherwise diminish the importance of religion, and for a number of reasons you need to know. 

Many ex-religious people, or non-religious groups seek to get rid of religion simply because they don’t think religion is important, or necessary in today’s “scientific age,” and thus, they pressure governments under the guise of the separation of Church and State to remove religious symbols and literature from the public domain. I suppose the thinking here is that if we remove religion from society, society will be free of religion. This idea totally disregards the fact that people are born with a desire to be religious (which is the desire to seek spiritual truth). Even if this impulse isn’t equally shared by non-believers, in a pluralistic society such as ours, it is always in everyone’s interest to protect the right of the individual to choose and practice one’s faith openly without fear of persecution.

Still, other groups, like the Communist Party of China, want to eliminate religion because they see it as a threat to the State.

Others still may only want to remove all religions except their own in order to establish a total theocracy, like what Iran and Saudi Arabia attempt to do. And still there are others, for purely selfish reasons, think that religion is nothing more than a barrier to a happy life ( truth is relative, religion is oppressive, etc). And guess what, this should be protected, too!

The point is that religious freedom, the right to have faith, the right to practice one’s faith is part of our collective human culture and more so, may find origination in a spiritual reality. To deny someone the basic right to explore this idea is the most egregious thing you could to do a person. It’s like taking away someone’s right to eat.

Most of the laws that govern society are rooted in original religious belief. To suggest that mankind no longer sees value in religion is to state that religion is nothing more than an outdated cultural phenomena, and yet, the length that people will go to protect religious faith is one of the most ignoble acts one can ever witness. 

And such faith-conviction is but just one sign of religious “staying power.” Without it, many people would be lost, including this author. I stand by my right to believe just as I will arduously defend another person’s right to not believe. To me, it is the battle of human dignity and nothing less.

I shudder to think of a world without religion. I fear that if that day should ever come, a supreme darkness will hover over this land, not because of an angry God, but because of an angry man who now has complete dominion over all, without regard for a higher source or even a higher truth. 

When man becomes God, watch out. Think Hitler, think Mao, think Castro, think Stalin, think of the hundreds of millions of people who have died because these individuals ruled without God. And even today, I am afraid Xi Jinping falls into this category; he is a dictator who rules under the iron fist of oppression, and it is exactly because he has no God, or religion in his heart – that he can exert such pain and suffering to so many, without remorse. Only a godless man could be so cold to the indifference of human suffering.

And it won’t stop there my friends.

Hear my words. We have to stop religious oppression in all of its forms. When you see religion being marginalized, speak out. When you see a religious person being made fun of, or you hear a story of someone being attacked or victimized because of their faith, speak out. When you read a story of a person who has been persecuted because of their faith, speak out, especially if you are not religious. Because when they are done with the religious people, who do you think they will come after next?

Why Urantians’ Should Pay Attention To China

As of this writing, it can be confirmed through numerous and reliable sources that the government of China, the largest government on the planet, is routinely harvesting organs, primarily from religious people who have been imprisoned for being found guilty of the egregious crime of displaying their faith in God.

The Epoch Times, for example, documents as many as 3,000 recent cases where people from South Korea, Africa snd Middle East have traveled to Chinese hospitals to recieve organs, with wait times no longer than a few weeks.

For a Urantian, a person who is familiar with the historical roots of spirituality, this is an unprecedented horror. That a country five times more densely populated than the United States, can, with unfettered ability, persecute people in the form of removing their organs simply because the believe in God, Jesus, Buddhist, or Allah, is beyond reprehensible, and marks a very dark chapter in the annals of human history.

Such methods of human governance also perfectly illustrates why it is so neccessary to have God in our conscience. If ours was a secular government which denied that we were “endowed by our creator,” then we too would have a government that puts its own selfish needs before the dignity of the human spirit. And there is always this ever-present danger if we don’t, as a people, protect religious liberties.

Our ignorance, or our unwllingness to confront organ harvesting within China’s borders is a battle cry for every person of faith who believes something should be done to help save every Falun Gong, Christian or Uyghur Muslim alive today who faces this kind of torture.

I will compose a follow up article on what I think could be a viable step towards helping the prisoners of conscience in China if I can reach 1000 interested readers.

I hope you will share this message.

Below is a 4-part audio summation of this report.





Jim Watkins is 30-student of The Urantia Book, a national media consultant, author and former network talk show producer and host of the Candidly Speaking political blog and podcast

The Safety of Non-Belief

Western secularism has a done a terrific job at inoculating people from having faith or conviction.  We call them “the Nones,” people who aren’t particularly religious, and except for perhaps some minor flicker of faith in some vague notion of providence or the “common good,” most Nones are happy not believing in anything.

And there is a good reason for this.

Dr. Jordon Peterson explains in one of his many dissertations that “failure to engage means not having to say you are sorry for being wrong.” In other words, if you don’t believe in anything you don’t run the risk of being wrong, or being disappointed. For example, if you don’t believe in heaven (since you can never really know for sure until you die), then it won’t matter anyway. If it’s there, we’ll find out.

Most people have this same feeling towards religion.

One person told me “all religions say the same thing, and yet they all say they are “the truth. Who knows what the truth is? or even if there is truth?”

Another person once quipped, “why spend so much time believing in something you can never know is true?” In both scenarios, non-belief requires no action, no engagement, no risk.

But to those who are willing to engage and put their beliefs on the line, there is tremendous gain, and sometimes horrific loss. But you have to put it out there, you do have to have a dog in the race.

I can be committed to the environment or to Krishna, it doesn’t matter, I am making an emotional commitment to being involved because I believe there is a payoff to my emotional contribution; there is something I wish to gain. This is the same when it comes to having religious faith.

I have no doubt that many people of many faiths also feel love and comfort because of their religious faith. In a sense, the comment, “all religions are essentially saying the same thing is a true statement, because one thing (good) religions have in common is that they offer the personal religious experience, the payoff, and something you can never have if you are not religious, just as a person who, in Peterson’s model of social engagement, can never experience career success or relationship success if one never “puts it out there,” and risks rejection or failure.

For the Nones it’s a matter of being non-committed, and therefore, safety in non-belief.

Religion may very well be an invention of man to make him feel better, or it could also be something that is in our DNA because it was put there to drive our spiritual curiosity. Survey after survey says that people who have faith live happier lives, just as it is probably true that people who work hard have better careers or more satisfying lives. When your will becomes self-identified with a cause, any cause, you are engaged and the payoff is commensurate with the effort

Without engagement, there is no payoff, there is only sameness.

To the point of the second comment as to why anyone would choose belief in anything that cannot be proven in our lifetime, I believe this attitude is the result of secular culture that has been a part of the fabric of the Occidental West since the 17th and 18th Century. To paraphrase Allen Bloom from his 1990’s book The Closing of the American Mind,” it is easier to believe in nothing if you just believe in everything

Truth has become relative in our culture, it has become a shape-shifting, in congruent notion of evolving thought, aways in motion, subjective to the times and thoughts of the people. Except that in this scenario truth becomes non-absolute, and without absolutes there is no touchstone, no standard, no foundation on which to build. Truth may be relative to us, but this does not mean truth is relative. It only means we are growing in awareness of truth, which is what religious faith offers. Not truth in whole, but truth in awareness.

This is why God is elusive to many people, because they don’t want absolutes, it means they have to agree and be held accountable to that absolute; it means they have to adhere to something that is real and has meaning and is not subject to change. Gravity is an absolute. Thought (the ability to reason) is an absolute. Many argue God is the ultimate Absolute, or as the Urantia Book states, the “only un-caused cause.”

I could quote one of my favorite past time phrases which says that “it’s better to believe in God and be wrong than to not believe and be wrong,” but I really rather wish to close by offering advice to those people who truly believe there is nothing to believe in with conviction, or who subscribe to the belief that all truth is relative, and that message is this:

What gives religion its greatest appeal is that through faith, a will to know, God can be experienced now; you don’t have to wait until whatever happens after this life to find out jf God really exists. It is within each of us to know that answer now. All it takes is a little engagement – and a willingness to risk being wrong.

What a shame that so many people, if they would only have faith and engage in their spiritual potential, would discover the very spirit that eludes them because of their own present disbelief.

It is equally shameful that people are taught not to have confidence in themselves or in the spiritual quest. Religion may be man’s expression of his faith, this is true, so to some extent religion is man’s invention, a physical way to express spiritual feelings. but the real joy comes from experiencing your own faith firsthand.

Having faith requires risk to be sure, but the rewards are far greater than having no faith at all, which is to say you have no dog in this race and no payoff because there’s no investment of self.

To be safe therefore, is to not grow in awareness of truth.

The BIG Lie of Atheism

   I’m going to bang this out in five minutes because it has been on my mind. 

   I am sick and tired of being reminded how people are just not into religion anymore. Or worse, we have an entire generation of young adults who have absolutely no idea what real religion is, so I need to Godsplain a few things. That’s why we have this wonderful site, so people who are completely in the dark about religion, God, life itself and its underlying meaning, can come and learn – free of dogma and free of ritual.

   Now imagine if you were six years old and everyone told you that you have to go to school for 12 years and then you die and don’t live anymore.

   Or let’s say that your parents told you that you have to spend your entire life learning and then all of your knowledge simply goes away when you take your last breath! And then to make you feel better, they tell you, “but don’t feel bad because you will live on in your children,” or some crap like that. 

   Forget that! What is the point of that?

   Listen, folks, let me tell you, there is an afterlife, you are going to love it, but it isn’t just going to be sitting around eating ice cream and praising the Lord all day. What, are you foolish? who filled your mind with such rubbish? Of course there are others like you, where do you think all of the dead people go? Hello, we’re talking thousands of generations of dead people slowly filling up the vast, expansive universe. You think all of this was created for – just so you can live for 72 years and buy a house? What, are you stupid? Well, it’s not your fault, and it’s probably why religion has no appeal to you. On the other hand, don’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

   Listen, to those young folks in Millenia-world who are completely illiterate to religion, and faith, and life after death, and meaning of life stuff, the secularism and atheism you have been sold is a bill of goods. You should have read the bible more so at least you could get the basics of why God made this place.  I get it that the Bible is old fashion, but there’s truth in it, just like the truth I am sharing with you now. Take comfort in it because nothing else in life will, and that is why you are anxious all of the time. It’s why atheists are always taking pills, because they bought into the notion that life is like school for twelve years and then everyone just dies. Who came up with that lie? A stupid, arrogant and intensely hubris notion that gives no consideration to the fact that billions and billions of stars are out there working towards a fulfillment of a great purpose (of which we are a part of), but I don’t want to make your head explode, so we’ll stop there for now. 

   You will wake up after you die. Count on it. 

And you WILL remember your short life here on earth. 

   They say payback is a bitch. Well, it is, but that’s because when you wake up on the other side, and you do start to piece together your earth-life memories, you are going to realize how stupid you were, and you will remember how foolish you acted, and especially you are going to feel terrible because of how arrogant you were in your first “here-I-am-folks” life on planet Earth.

But don’t worry, we are all fools in the beginning, after all, this is our first go-around, so we are expected to act like fools.

   So there you go. Wake up! God didn’t give you this life so you can “pass it on to your kids.” He gave it to you to learn something so you can use it to make your life here, and the next world, and those around you in both, better.

Start there and start living.

Jeffrey Richards is a contributing editor and lives in Santa Barbara California. 


Sign Of The Times

   Even if you just extrapolate the intersectional coincidence of two consecutive solar eclipses occurring seven years apart – and at the exact location of a huge Christian cross, the incident itself is quite extraordinary.

   Why the press never picked up on this event is astounding, after all, isn’t every day you have two consecutive solar eclipses criss-cross on a huge cross that just happens to be at the right place at the right time – 7 years apart!

   Let’s back up so I can unpack this for you.

   On August 21, 2017 the United States was in a perfect position to observe a solar eclipse that started in Northwest Oregon and crossed as it were, like a black marker being written on a map, from the Northwest to the Southeast U.S.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 3.10.33 PM.png

   The next solar eclipse, slated for April 8, 2024, will take a perpendicular path that intersects near Carbondale, Ill, in the Shawnee National Forest at the exact site of an 1,100- foot cross known as the Bald Knob Cross of Peace.

   Cool, right? A criss-cross eclipse intersects at the exact spot where there happens to be a gigantic “cross of peace.”

   Okay, so a solar eclipse isn’t that rare, nor are crosses of large size and structure, so while cool in concept, not as uncommon as one might think. It isn’t as random, statistically speaking, that such an event doesn’t occur whenever any eclipse criss-crosses; it’s just a humorous happenstance.


   Until you observe the dates.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 12.49.42 PM

   August 21 and April 8 share two distinctions that very few people know about, and the fact that they share this distinction makes it self evident that if there was ever a sign from heaven, this might be it – if you knew what you were looking for….

   You see, there is an obscure and unknown book called The Urantia Book that, in addition to many things, also claims to be a new revelation of truth.

   One large section of The Urantia Book is a 700-plus narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. In this section, they state that Jesus was born on August 21, 7BC (later adjusted from the Julian, to the now used Gregorian calendar).  This narrative also states that Jesus was crucified on Friday, April 7th, 30 AD, and he rose on Sunday morning April 9th at 3am. If you account for the fact that Sunday 3am in Jerusalem is still 6pm Saturday night in the U.S.,  or, if we speculate that the process of Jesus’ resurrection probably took place on Saturday (the intervening time between his death and his resurrection) either way, we could agree that Saturday April 8th was the day  Jesus “returned from the bosom of the Father” to rise as the resurrected Christ (dating software we can confirm that April 8th, AD 30 did fall on a Saturday)

   So back to our solar eclipse.

   How strange is it that two eclipses, seven years apart (seven is a spiritual number), occurring on two significant dates (Jesus’ birthday and Jesus’ resurrection day) intersecting as they did, on the exact site where there is an enormous Christian symbol?

   What can we deduce from this event?

   Some have suggested that, taking this event into account as I have described, the solar event marks a seven-year “tribulation,” a time of making choices about one’s spiritual commitment; that this event symbolizes a period from the “birth of Jesus to the death and re-birth of Jesus as the Christ suggesting an intervening period of reconciliation and dawning of a new age.

   Halpert Katzen, a Urantia Book researcher who attended the first eclipse in 2017, and also drew the same comparisons in noticing the coincidental eclipse, also adds the connection to the Shawnee National Forest is significant because its Native American Prophet is actually mentioned in the Urantia Book (with regard to true spiritual teachers who arise from time to time in human history):

(90:2:9) Ever and anon, true prophets and teachers arose to denounce and expose shamanism. Even the vanishing red man had such a prophet within the past hundred years, the Shawnee Tenskwatawa, who predicted the eclipse of the sun in 1806 and denounced the vices of the white man.

For Katzen, he senses the two eclipses signify a period of choosing, or perhaps a closing of one dispensation, or “age” and the beginning of another.

And he might not be alone in this assessment of “end times” forecasting.


   While most mainline Christians have no knowledge of this particular event with relation to the Urantia Book, many evangelical teachings today denote this period as the “end times,” using quotes from Revelations as examples of prophecy:

   (Rev 8: 10-12)  10 “The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— 11 the name of the star is Wormwood.[a] A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.

   12 The fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them turned dark.A third of the day was without light, and also a third of the night.”

   Many believe, because of statements like these littered throughout scripture, that a natural event like an impact of a destructive comet or asteroid is actually prophesied to occur during the “end days,” and this event may actually usher in a new era that lasts ‘a thousand years.’

So we now can draw our attention to an event that is timed to occur just after an extremely unusual second eclipse, and an equally important astronomical event set to occur just before the 2000th anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection, all of this set to occur in the year 2029 when earth will have a strange and spectacular visitor.

   Of course scientist are saying today that the asteroid, called Apophis (The Greek God of Destruction) will miss earth by 19,000 miles. But it’s ten years from now, even just a slight deviation in the Earth’s trajectory or speed, or that of the asteroid, by even a few seconds or minutes over the 3,652 days between now and then could spell disaster on a global scale. 

   In the picture below you see the earth and the thousands of satellites circling the earth’s orbit. To the right you see Apophis’s trajectory on February 13, 2029. While there is a bit of a comfort zone, this is only an estimated trajectory. We still don’t know what effect Earth’s gravity might have on the approaching asteroid.

Some speculate that Apophis could be “pulled” closer to the earth creating a much greater chance of impact.

   It would literally be hell on earth if this were to occur, and because of our dependence on tech and our current societal infrastructure, most people would simply not know how to react. We would literally be thrown back into the stone age in a matter of days or weeks, and it would be a long, slow recovery if a major asteroid hit a city or a coastline in proximity to a major city. More than half of the world’s population lives near or within 50 miles of the coast.

   The current trajectory prediction, has it passing over the United States after 6pm ET on Friday, February 13, 2029. It will be visible to most North Eastern and North Central residents.

   2029 also makes the last year, 1,999 years since the last dispensation began, for that was the day Christ rose from the dead, an event which ushered in a new age, or dispensation.

We know from the Urantia Book that dispensations are periodic and usually occur just before, or just after a divine revelation occurs, and since we have been informed that the Urantia text is a revelation, what we don’t know is whether a dispensation has passed, or is about to occur. Could this eclipse, the subsequent asteroid, coupled with a world war or some societal calamity finally crack civilization into pieces, setting us back a thousand years or more?


   Let me add one more item to give my conspiracy some weight.

   As I explained in my 2015 book, The Urantia Papers: Exploring a New Revelation, one of the remarkable things about the Urantia Book is that it correctly asserts a multiple of scientific positions that have all later proven correct. 

   Let me offer one that lends credibility to its claim of authenticity:

   In the paper narrating the birth of Jesus and the legend of the Star of Bethlehem, the author states that, in the year of Jesus birth (7BC), there was a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that occurred three times that year. The dates of this conjunction are May 29th, September 29th and December 5th in 7 BC.

   These dates, though seemingly plucked out of thin air, are accurate and can be proven by astronomy star-map tracking programs.

Dr. Phillip Calabrese, a retired University of San Diego teacher who also holds a degree in mathematics and physics says the statistical chance of correctly guessing three exact dates from over two-thousand years ago, and choosing the correct planets and the correct constellation, tabulates to a greater than ten-million to one chance they would be correct.

There is little chance these dates were approximated or randomly guessed in 1934, when the Urantia Book was written.

And yet….

   Has anyone ever explained the now famous astronomical event (the Star of Bethlehem) with this kind of pinpoint accuracy?

The answer is no. Does anyone clsim to know why a brilliant star led three Iranian priests to seek out a newborn baby in Jerusalem?

   This astronomical event isn’t recorded as being significant in any publication except the Bible as an supposed ‘miraculous’ event, but more reasonably explained by verifiable science in the Urantia Book – just as this same book also provides for Jesus’ birth date- which many scholars now believe most likely did occur in the late summer or fall, when census was known to have taken place in Jerusalem (as detailed in the biblical narrative), and just as we are now provided, by the text, the actual resurrection date of Saturday, April 8, 30AD, which can be absolutely confirmed by modern dating programs as falling on Saturday in AD 30. 

Look for the signs of the changing seasons.

   All if this speculation proves nothing. It only proves that there could be some sign being given to us, depending on our interpretation of said events, and how much these things may be coincidences – but also might be symbolic involving several different circumstances taking place simultaneously now on our world at this time.

There is simmering global turmoil, a solar eclispe that puts us in a seven year reconciliation periodic that has direct links to Christ, and a potential astronomical calamity that, in addition to be prophecied, could also take place at about the time humanity is entering a new millineum.

Or it could be the fanciful imagination of a blogger who is able to loosely piece together a rather interesting conspiracy, pulling strands from space, as it were, that have interesting – if not compelling evidence to suggest something interesting is about to happen?


I welcome your thoughts.





God – The Original Bluetooth Signal

   The other day I was trying to pair my headset with my laptop through bluetooth.

   If you have ever tried to pair a device with bluetooth, it is basically one originating source sending out a signal looking to be “heard” by another device attuned to that frequency.

   In my headset when I first wore it and pushed the button to get it to search for my other device I heard the headset saying “pairing,” then a brief pause and another “pairing,” is heard until it finally discovers whatever device is synced to hear that bluetooth’s particular frequency. 

   While I was doing this, I thought for a moment about the Adjutant Mind Spirits in the Urantia Book (Paper 34), the seven adjutant circuits that register and influence intelligent coordination among all beings throughout time and space, even to the evolutionary worlds, and further, how, using this same bluetooth example, the Adjutants are constantly looking to be “received” by minds hoping to be “paired.”

   We are told that the Adjutant Mind Spirits, and there are seven of them, denoted as spirit circuits, are the Spirits of:

Intuition (life preservation)

Understanding (problem-solving)

Cooperation (problem solving with others)

Knowledge (higher functioning accumulated experience)

Counsel (seek and exchange knowledge from others)

Worship (desire to look beyond the physical to the spiritual)

Wisdom (unification of experience on spiritual and physical levels)

   These seven “adjutants” are in reality, circuits that emit out into space from the Divine Mother Spirit (or the Holy Spirit, if you prefer) to attempt contact with those beings who possess minds capable of hearing the signal, or can “connect” with the circuit, and in doing so, achieve a new level of mental capacity.

   These spirit circuits look to “touch” the minds of creation spread hither and yon, from the lowest animal mind to the highest functioning spirit mind of mortals. Once connection is made, pairing ensues.

   This may be why sometimes people feel “spiritual;” as if there is some periodic “connection,” or “pairing” going in when you (as a device) occasionally have the ability to discern truth

   As with bluetooth, the farther you wander away from the source, the less reliable the signal becomes until you wander too far and the signal is longer there to guide you.

   Also, just like bluetooth, when our minds are filled with interference (emotional distractions or even mental illness), we might find “pairing with the spirit” challenging because our devices (our minds, really) are not propitious to the ‘leadings of the spirit.’

I believe praying calibrates the mind so that connections can be improved and messages can be better understood from God the Spirit. After all, it is our minds that connect with God, not our bodies.

   And all of this occurred to me in the blink of any eye one day while setting up my headset, which paired beautifully, I might add.


Heaven Just Delivered A Huge Data Drop

There are four key distinctions that set the Urantia Book apart from other theologies; these distinctions, or positions on reality, are unique only to the Urantia Book.

     These four distinctions might be considered revelatory in scope and originality because, prior to 1955, these expanded concepts were non-existent in mainstream theological teachings.

Since 1955, when the Urantia Book became available, hundreds of thousands of readers have had a chance to study the text (over a million copies have been sold or downloaded); most are convinced the concepts are both possible and authentically original, hence their revelatory nature.


Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.20.50 AM

   Consider these points in what the Urantia Book states:

   1. Eschatological Specifics on the Hierarchy of God’s Cosmic Family or “Offspring.” The Urantia Book provides specific details on who Deity is and its relationship to a long and exhaustive list of personality beings (including ourselves) who comprise the universe at the present time, beings we are told who do the work of universal administration and spiritual ministry throughout time and space. 

   Pause to consider that, long before our own solar system was formed, there was space and time evolution – 14 billion years of space and time, according to our theorists, plenty of time for other beings of varying natures to have been “born” or to have “come into existence,” in ways we can not even comprehend.  In the Urantia Book narrative, we are presented with the entire cosmic offspring of Deity –  made up of spiritual and material personalities with specific functions and purpose  – we are even told their names. The specificity given is both consistent and comprehensive. 

    2. Life after Death. We now have a specific and detailed narrative of what happens when we die, even being told the process of actual resurrection. The Urantia Book provides at least 4 specific chapters on the ascension process and what transpires between the time we pass from this life and what happens when we resurrect as newly born spirit-ascendant beings. No other theology dares an attempt to explain the process of personality or soul survival, but most religions propose an afterlife reality. The Urantia Book provides a plausible construct that is both logical AND comforting to all people who believe such a spiritual afterlife is not only possible, but inevitable.

    3. Extra Terrestrial, or Exo-Planetary Life. The Urantia Book is the only book (of which I am aware) that fully embraces the notion of ‘other worlds with life;’ going further, the Urantia Book expands upon this concept to include an entire universe of life-evolving spheres home to races and species of varying types. While none of this can be proven of course, the Urantia Book is the first extensive theology that combines evolutionary physical life (coordinated and administered to by spiritual beings) that runs parallel with an advanced spiritual community that awaits us when we pass from this life to the next. 

   In short, the Urantia Book describes a universe filled with ascendant beings just like ourselves who, at some point, will  progress away from the mortal time-space realm to a more advanced non-material realm. the Urantia Book states it is this reality that is actually happening now, we just don’t see it because 1) we are not spiritually advanced, 2) previous revelations that would have informed us of this fact (of other, more spiritually-advanced life forms) were cut-short and eventually lost to the world, and 3) we have yet to discover any life forms beyond our own to substantiate these claims.

   Astronomers now believe that there are most likely millions of worlds with life. When the Urantia Book was written in 1934 hardly anyone believed life was possible outside of our solar system (remember the goldilocks premise?). Hence the Urantia Book is not only advanced in presenting ET life, but goes into great detail on the kinds of life we can expect to discover once these discoveries are made (The Urantia Book states there is, in  “close proximity”  a world of living will creatures called “Non-breathers;” some believe this world may be one of the moons of Jupiter or Saturn).

    4. The Exhaustive Narrative of Jesus’s Life and Teachings. In no other writing is there such an exhaustive retelling of Jesus’s entire life that is both consistent with the Gospels (though not in all of their teachings and interpretations of events recorded in the New Testament), and is also historically accurate when depicting the cultural and living conditions of the times in which Jesus lived. The stated reason for this retelling is because Jesus’ life was not only significant to us, but the universe found great significance of his mortal life because Jesus was an incarnated Son of God the Father, “an only begotten Son,” who choose our world to live as a human being to reveal the Fathers’ nature and personality, and also to experience life as a mortal human being. 

   To summarize our thesis, we claim the Urantia Book is a revelation of new information because of at least four distinctions that sets this text apart from other theological teachings, which include:

    1. The spirit world specifically detailed

   2. A full narration of the after life is explained

   3. An explanation of life on other worlds is presented and explained (which is consistent with current astronomic theory)

   4. A full description of Jesus’ life, including his death, resurrection and subsequent ascendency after Pentecost.

   These distinctions are important because they denote potential transition of human development IF this revelation gains acceptance.

   This is what revelation does. It pushes evolution along (and it usually starts with a small group of “early adapters”). Once the printing press was invented illiteracy decreased and human knowledge increased, Having increased, human behavior starts to change faster, which is what we saw in the 17th and 18th Century. Once we harnessed electricity human engagement and performance became more efficient and productive – and life changed rapidly.

    In spiritual terms, once Jesus lived and taught new truth – and we saw that resurrection was possible – another world was opened to humanity, a world which included not just our life in the flesh, but an eternal life of continuous adventure and learning.

   Religion has evolved tremendously since Jesus’s time.  And so it is that if the Urantia Book is a true revelation, then it too will open the doors to new human understanding, and further, we will have gained new spiritual insight as to our purpose and destiny as will creatures of soul-potential, and as citizens of this beautiful blue planet they call Urantia.


James R. Watkins is a student of the Urantia Book and the producer of Inside Look, a new video web series that delves into the Urantia book teachings.


When Truth No Longer Matters

Anyone who has read the Urantia Book, and in particular, Part 3 on our history, knows that when societies aren’t spiritually hungry, they perish. When man stops looking for the truth, eternal truth, then that man’s days are really numbered.

In paper 195 we are instructed “a society without God is like a solar system without gravity,” meaning there is nothing to hold it together. God is the central force and figure, the stabilizer, the purpose and the origin of life itself. To ignore God is to really ignore true reality, which means a society that ignores God is really a society that is living in its own reality and that reality cannot sustain itself.

When Jesus asked about the end times, and his return, or when the world is about to go through tribulation he said to “look for the signs,”  just as you would observe the changing leafs of a tree when new seasons come.

I see the signs and they are not good. Religious affiliation is down, socialism is on the rise, authoritative totalitarian regimes are gaining strength, drug abuse and the drug trade are exploding, suicides and insanity are increasing (promoted by an over-zealous medical industry that believes everyone one is suffering from something, and therefore must be treated).

The most powerful, influential and wealthy country on the planet is sick, very sick. But at the root of this sickness is that, for the most part, society has given up on God. He is not talked about, he is not referred to (except in relation to social rights or social justice), and outside of church or some religious programming, mainstream media ignores God and anything to do with Jesus.

I am not an evangelical. I am not a Christian as you might define the word, but I do believe in the truths that Jesus taught and I do believe in Him, who came to represent the Father and to show us the way. So I say this with great sadness and even some contempt: How dare we turn our backs on eternal principles when we are the recipients of so much wealth and luxury – at the hands of the millions of people who suffered and toiled so we could have what we have today? How is it that our political leaders have become so corrupted, and our media and all that it represents  has also become so vacuous, pornographic and vulgar? And why do the non-religious hate Christ so much that they are willing to tear down statues for fear of offending someone? From whence comes this great offense that a spiritual figure would cause such pain?

Can we not see the seeds of our own destruction? Can we not hear the cries of the lonely and the despondent for salvation and redemption in a world so cruel that we even now pass laws that allow doctors to kill babies after they are born just to protect a “woman’s right to choose?” (I understand the necessity in a promiscuous society to provide life planning options to young people who may not be prepared for child-rearing, but the line of decency keeps getting pushed back where we don’t even see our own cruelty because it has become categorized as a “right”).

Urantia (Earth) is a troubled-planet. From the very first human, we have been slightly askew, different from the rest of our cosmic brethren. We know that Michael chose our world for his seventh bestowal because we were backward and lost, and while I am grateful there are still millions upon millions of people who have found God through Jesus, it’s not the flock who frighten me. It’s the other 60 percent of humanity who are quite frightening, and off course.

Books like the Urantia Book should have appeal to people looking for a smart and consistent religious faith, but admittingly, it’s not for everyone. I know this truth, but I also know the number of people who read the Urantia Book is growing, and this gives me comfort. It’s why I do this blog and Urantia Radio broadcasts, to keep the beacon of hope bright for those who are passing ships looking for safe harbor.

To the future we look and see mystery, but if the past is any indication, then we are in for a very rocky ride. Strap yourself in.

In God we must trust, indeed.


James R. Watkins is the creator of and the editor of this blog. James is also th eauthor of The Urantia Book: Exploring a New Revelation,” and host of Candidly Speaking on






Motivation is Everything

I recently attended the National Radio Broadcasters Convention in Anaheim, California.

People from all over the country attended to meet and discuss whatever projects they were involved with in spreading the Gospel. I called it being “in the Jesus business.”

   Over the years I have attended other broadcast conventions for commercial radio, or what we call “General Market” radio, which means everything but religious or non-commercial radio. The difference between regular radio people and people who are involved with religious broadcasting is remarkable.

   The thing that impressed me the most about the NRB was the relaxed, almost gleeful vibe I felt about the people in attendance. You could tell that, while all there were just trying to make a living, they were also dedicated to their beliefs and were motivated because of their faith. They believed what they were doing was for the right reason and for a good and worthy cause.

   Contrary to mainstream radio conventions, where there are people who act more like cynical opportunists, the NRB not only reminded me of my own passion for broadcasting (which got me into the business at the age of 19), but even more exciting was the fact that Jesus has an army of people who, to this day, are “winning souls for the kingdom.” Communications people who love the Lord are doing great things – and they know it!

   In regular broadcasting, people are solely motivated by financial success, the art form is secondary (which was not always the case before broadcasting became overtly corporatized).

   In religious broadcasting today, what started out with Jesus and twelve Apostles in Galilee two-thousand years ago is now a full-fledged budding industry of people who use their skills and knowledge to continue to teach Christs’ message of salvation to the world.

   If one were disposed to believe that Christianity is losing its impact or is less relevant today, this convention would have set you straight. There is an army of people out their doing incredible things for God in every corner of the earth.

   For example, I saw several independent film companies introducing a slew of full-length television and theatrical films about Faith, the Bible, etc. If you are a Christian you are going to be impressed and excited by the numerous faith-based films about to be released.

   I met several pastors who use radio in foreign countries to spread the Gospel. I met other ministers who use broadband to recruit missionaries that are needed to help teach Christ in communist countries (where you can be killed for doing so). I met evangelists who simply wanted to grow their programs across networks; one particular man, who hails from Bangladesh and who specifically tries to introduce Jesus to Muslims, spoke to me about his experiences in trying to introduce Christ to Muslims (which as you can imagine, are fraught with danger).

   But the greatest lesson for me was the reminder that, no matter what your profession or duty, if you are motivated by God or Christ (or divine principles) when doing your work, then even secular things become spiritual, as stated by Jesus in paper 155 of the Urantia Book (155:6:11) from his ‘Second Discourse on Religion’:


“And fail not to remember that the will of God can be done in any earthly occupation. Some callings are not holy and others secular. All things are sacred in the lives of those who are spirit led; that is, subordinated to truth, ennobled by love, dominated by mercy, and restrained by fairness — justice.” (UB 155:6:11)

   The experience was thrilling and for a Urantian like myself, I left with no doubt that Jesus continues to have a major impact in the lives of millions and millions of people, many of whom came to Anaheim to hone their secular skills for a truly divine purpose.

James Watkins is the host of Candidly Speaking on

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Humanity: Chapter Two

   Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the web, recently spoke at a conference to celebrate thirty-years of the Internet as we know it today.

    Tim, to his credit, says he has no regrets about the invention, he just wishes humanity would use it wisely and stop using it to spread hate and commit crimes. 
   Was it a suprise to us that giving such a high grade of technology to everyone so quickly would result in humanity misusing this wonderful gift?
   Of course not.
   Are we surprised that millions of people with unbridled freedom to do whatever they want was to be unexpected?
   Like everything else, our bad and reckless behavior will eventually lead to new restriction of freedoms thorough rules and regulations. It’s why we have stop lights, and stringent FAA rules so that planes don’t crash into each other.

   Man, among his many skills, will always regulate through common decree once our behavior poses a threat. 
   Moving beyond this reality, I’d like to circle back around to the point of why it is we exploit, rather than explore when we have new tools like the Internet to help us?
   We have become stupid, more stupid than we were a generation ago.

    We might think we are progressive, woke, or somehow more enlightened than previous generations, but I don’t see the evidence.
   I see plenty of evidence that shows we are less civil, less patient, less loving, less loyal and less wise than ever before. 
   The worst of human nature reflects something that has been lost. The thing that has been lost is our religious ideals of the hunger of truth discernment and our desire to gain wisdom, and it is our connection with the spiritual aspects of reality we have lost interest in, the invisible things that tie us together as souls of human progress, it is these things that we no longer seem interested in that have slowed intellectual development.
   What we forget that, in the morass, is the reality that man is naturally belligerent; we came from the forests, the caves, the hilltops.
   Our natural state is beastly, evil, selfish. It is only because we have morality – and an ethical compass – that we have been able to rise above our more negative, brutal impulses and tendencies.
   And it wasn’t that long ago, in geological terms, that we were completely debased in most of our behavior towards one snother.
   All races have enslaved each other at some time in the past. The truth is we are all actually very privileged to live in this time, and in this age, and if one is really lucky, this country.
   Many forget so recently a time when disease and poverty ravaged the world.

   It was not that long ago we all, en masse, were migrants from somewhere else, save for a few who managed to be born into, or accomplished, wealth through good fortune and perhaps even hard work.
   My point is that mankind still has much to learn.    Berners-Lee has only known growing up in a world with law and order, and incredible technology that helps us forget how – excuse the term but it is appropriate – shitty it was for most of humanity for the past few hundred thousand years.

Handing someone a smart phone, giving them all of the luxury of the modern world, does not make him wise if his nature is still debased.
   The real question is when do we actually mature as an intelligent species up and stop acting like children?!
   Socialism, as a form of government isn’t the answer. Unbridled greed, unearned wealth, and liberty without license are also not reflective of an advanced society, either.   
   People need to to work, and privileges need to be earned. But it doesn’t have to come through the strong arm of government regulation; it should come organically from within, instilled by the family, promoted and nurtured by the community, encouraged and rewarded by the society, a society that values service to one another as truly worthy of enlightened individuals, and of our own individual choosing to be this way, inspired by a desire to be perfect, even as ‘He is perfect,’ the Father of all creation.
   I believe mankind is about to learn, through this revelation (TUB), or other revelations, that man is not alone in the cosmos, and we will probably learn soon enough that other advanced worlds do worship Deity.

   It is possible the next few generations of people will start to realize the Urantia Book is an authentic revelation, and that we are on a spiritual path – with specific goals to achieve – as we move towards that future age of light and life, as the Father intended.
   We are an experimental world, so anything can happen.
   Berners-Lee reminds me of the very stark fact that despite earthly wisdom, if there is not spiritual wisdom in operation throughout mankind, we are really more animal and less spiritual. It is this aspect of humanity that has to change if we are to rid ourselves of the beast within.

The Spiritual Crisis

   While there is much concern by many that the planet is being destroyed by man-made climate change (of which I do not believe is true), I would draw attention to a more serious crisis that has to do with the inner climate, the climate of the soul, of the human heart and the spiritual darkness that currently hovers over humanity.

   It isn’t even a matter of statistical evidence showing the world is becoming less religious, because I do not believe that is true either. What concerns this author is the behavior of humanity.        Simply put, we are lost. There is no consensus about direction. I have spoken about this in my video-casts on how the term progress applies to humanity.  What you determine to be progress is not happening on a spiritual level. God is a hazy concept. Our ability to conceptualize an eternal spiritual creator is almost completely lost in todays’ society,  getting hazier by the way.

   Chief behind this spiritual decadence is two-fold, a glut of materialism, and poor leadership that is void of spiritual direction on all levels. No one is looking at the long-term spiritual direction or even conceiving of what value spirituality brings to mankind.  Without a keen sense of spiritual purpose we are wandering in the forest without a compass. We are not outraged by the fact, for example, that millions of people are being tortured every single day because of religious oppression. We are not outraged by the fact that abortions worldwide are embraced as human right when the death of a human is involved – and yet this strikes no one as strange because there is no moral clarity on what truly is right, instead of what are just our “rights.”

   There is far too much to unpack here, but needless to say, mankind is in a spiritual crisis much more serious than the supposed climate crisis. This more personal crisis, a world without a clearer understanding of the presence of, and a desire to do the will of a spiritual creator is, in my humble opinion, a real existential crisis of eternal proportions.

   God is under no mandate to keep us going if we do not make the right choices about human destiny. It is not by fiat that this world is ours and we are free to behave as we please.

   The Urantia Book is a revelation, so with this subject in mind, and as it pertains to our societal evolution, it behooves us to go back to the beginning in the Urantia Book and start fresh, from the beginning, the first real presentation of spiritual truth to hit this world since Andon and Fonta first walked this earth over 997,000 years ago.

   Now playing are the first 12 papers of the Urantia Book. Enjoy it now on the streaming page or visit here to listen on any media device. For good measure, we also are featuring our exclusive interview with Urantia Book historian Larry Mullins, following a brief musical introduction by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestras performance of  Adante in D Minor.


Thank you for joining us on Urantia Radio.


An Argument for the Existence of God

   An argument for God is but a mere belief that life is more than just materially derived.
   I hold in my hand a Sandisc memory card. It was created by human beings. We took organic material, using elements from the ground, and with precision and coordination, created a mechanism that performs a specific task. It moves binary data from one place to another. We created it so that it can serve a purpose, indeed an apparent invisible purpose to most.
   Could not the same argument be made with regard to our solar system? Organic materials, designed and aligned to perform a certain function, whereas which comes into existence a world of living, breathing, functioning human beings, themselves consisting of organic materials, designed and arranged in such a way as to be able to perform a certain function, and yet we would observe such a phenomena such as life itself, as being accidental, its purpose invisible.
   An argument for God is an affirmation, an acknowledgement, that there is order and purpose in an otherwise material existence, even if we, in our present state, are ignorant to its underlying purpose.

It’s Been 63 Years Since Gods’ Angels Spoke to Us

by JR Watkins

On October 12 we will have had The Urantia Book for 63 years. that’s when the first edition of the Urantia Book rolled off the printing press and began to be sold and made available to humanity.

By all accounts, the book is a top-seller. Over a million copies have been sold, the book has been translated into a dozen languages, there are hundreds, if not thousands of sites dedicated to the Urantia Book and its teachings, and because anyone with a smartphone can now download the entire 2,097 page tome for free, thousands continue to do so every year. Downloads now exceed bookstore purchases, according to the Urantia Foundations’ most recent report. Last year over 130,000 people downloaded the book; 19,300 printed books were distributed globally in 2017. Not bad for a book that is never commercially promoted, has no leader or primary spokesperson, and has absolutely no presence in any mainstream media platform (TV, radio or print).

Despite the fact of its continued obscurity, the book spreads, almost like an underground movement with no activist goals. No one who reads the Urantia Book is screaming “new revelation” from the streets. You don’t hear people talking about it in interviews, referring to it in academia, or referencing quotations or topics in mainstream conversation. It’s a secret hidden in wide view.

It’s a revelation of new truth, on the same level of Jesus, Adam and Eve, even greater in scope than Moses and the Ten Commandments.  It’s a message from our unseen friends who felt it was time to share with us a much wider context of our world, our place among the worlds of space, and is, for the most part, consistent with its presentation of history, science and philosophy. In short, if you were looking for a new spiritual revelation, there is ample evidence that the Urantia Book is that revelation.

There is no fanaticism connected with the Urantia Book. There are no miracles connected to its appearance, indeed, even the revelators – the ones who wrote the book- don’t reveal how the book was written. It just is, there for anyone to peruse and learn from its scope of presentation.

It is rumored (though never substantiated) that Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, as well as Rod Serling of Twilight Zone fame, were heavily influenced by the book. If this is true, and Star Trek was the result of the Urantia Book, think of all of the young minds of the 1960’s and 1970’s who went on to create technology not unlike we see in Star Trek. The very notion of life on other worlds, a literal community of planets is now part of our lexicon. One could infer that if Gene was merely borrowing this idea from the Urantia Book, then one could argue that the Urantia Influence has already begun.

Elvis, Jackie Gleason, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jerry Garcia were all avid readers of the Urantia Book. But they never talked about openly, at least as far as the press is concerned (maybe they never asked the right question when interviewing these folks), and yet, look at the influence these people had on our culture. Were their worldviews shaped by the Urantia Book? What other people and in what other industries has the Urantia Book influenced since it’s publication 63 years ago?  It would be hard to know since so few people talk about it openly. But I am confident many ‘UB readers’ have made their mark in industry, public policy, government, artistic achievement, science, business, technology and – especially religion.

It is the most popular secret religion in the world.

I believe the revelators are aware of our propensity to worship books, especially ones rooted in antiquity. The Urantia Book is still very much in its infancy, a young 63 years, compared to the Old Testament (3,500 years), The Bhagwat gita (2,500 years) the New Testament (1,700 years), the Quran (1,200 years) and the Book of Mormon (200 years).

Over time, and as it quietly grows in reception, the Urantia Book will one day be regarded as a true historical and religious text because its statements will have lasted the test of time. The information will have had a chance to ferment within the various cultures and within certain progressive societies where people are intellectually and spiritually responsive to what the Urantia book presents.

The Urantia Book is already beginning to reshape our spiritual concepts, pushing them along, as it were, towards a more intelligent understanding of our world and our role in it, a philosophy that is perfectly harmonious with the fact of science, intellectually consistent and religiously satisfying.

Happy Birthday to the Revelators, thank you for your wonderful gift which was given to us on October 12, 1955.

China and the Spiritual Threat

by JR Watkins

While those of us in the west continue to enjoy our modern-day comforts we need to be concerned about what is happening in China,

Today, the threat of atheism is even greater. China contains half of the world’s population. It also has its tendrils throughout the rest of the world as it becomes even more aggressive as a police state, employing new technology to monitor and control not only its citizens, but its global partners as well, as detailed in this report you will find most disconcerting.

And this gives me pause to reflect on the subject matter contained in Paper 195 of the Urantia Book, where the authors extensively discuss the dangers of two primary social constructs of the modern age:

  1. Materialism/Secularism

  2. Totalitarianism

In my early years of study I had considered these two subjects directed more at the early 20th Century, as modern secularism was quite rampant and of course, Russia and China were pursuing communist goals which opened the door to Totalitarian governments in smaller countries like Cuba and North Korea as this ideology spread

Over time Russia seemed to moved towards a more open Democracy (relatively speaking), and China also seemed to be embracing modern open-markets and presumably, seemed more open to democracy.


If you read the news you are becoming aware that human-rights in China are at an all-time low, and religious expression is under full assault by the Communist party. When half of our world is run by a government has made it against the law to believe in God and only give adherence to  Chairman Xi, and this same government we will lock you up if you believe otherwise (and can now watch every move you make thanks to that smartphone you love and carry around with you everywhere you go), there is a problem.  I am sure this problem has even arrested the attention of our unseen friends on high, as it should concern us humans as well.

So with this in mind I have posted the audio narrative of Paper 195 all this week, which takes us from the time after Pentecost, to the modern age, including an extensive narrative on the dangers of Materialism, Secularism, Mechanism, atheistic Science, and especially the extreme dangers of Totalitarianism – which arise from these ideologies.

Is it prophecy? A warning perhaps?

Please enjoy this weekend’ Urantia Radio where we present paper 195 for your listening pleasure.

Why Burning Man is a Very Bad Sign

by JR Watkins

Long before The Burning Man festival in Nevada became chic, it became clear to me that this pantheistic celebration of “nothing” was concerning – if it ever became mainstream.

History shows that societies live or die by its spiritual progress. Many cultures have ended up as dust in history because they failed to develop a clear concept of spiritual faith and a subsequent philosophy that results from a mature religious ideal. Mankind can, as a matter of principle, be judged by its spiritual maturity.

Burning Man is the antithesis of God. It is purely man-made and man-centered, and plays to the more animalistic tendencies of human nature. It celebrates unbridled liberty and self-determination based on the individual desired. It is the celebration of the secular ideal that man does not need religion, or God, and is in fact, the center of reality.

There is no God as a supreme and loving creator at Burning Man, but you are more likely to experience the culmination of Humanism as performed in the symbolic Burning Man, who himself represents a belief in nothing, free from the shackles of traditional religious truth which calls on us to serve God and his will, and not our temporal desires of the flesh.

Burning Man is, more than anything else, a pretense for partying, plain an simple. But it is cloaked in some kind of new secular celebration reminiscent of golden calves and idol worship.

That such spoiled children of time would delude themselves into trying to erect Burning Man into a national symbol of the “freedom of self,” reflects something of today‘s culture as it is embraced among the secular societies of the world: the worship of things.

Forget not that many who attend this festival sway great influence in our culture. And if they believe in the sanctimony of Burning Mans’ central philosophy, which is that there is nothing to believe in but self, then how much of this adopted philosophy of living permeates through the influence these people have back home in their communities of Silicon Valley. 

Execs from Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants attend this festival, and this has spurred more interest in bringing others into the fold. Indeed, the most influential people on the planet right now are active proponents of the new secular age, the age of Burning Man. 

But what does this portend for mankind in this current age?

Burning Man will be ‘viral’ this year, you can count on it. and the next, and the next. Millennials who have no grounding to traditional faith will be most susceptible to this false philosophy of human ebellishment; young and fertile minds who don’t know any better, are lured and dazzled into adopting this very dangerous philosophy.

My first thought would be to show up and start handing out Urantia Books, but the book is much too precious for me to see it end up in a bond fire.

My only other thought is to write this blog to help alert the faithful that this event is much more dangerous than you think. And we cannot hope that the spiritually illiterate will be wise to this dark event. 

Let us hope this is not what it appears to be, because if it is, I fear we are truly entering a dark spiritual age.